[Rubin’s Party 1]

Conversations at a George McGovern fundraiser about the 1972 presidential election.

00:05Copy video clip URL A painter discusses gilding and other painting techniques inside his studio. 

02:10Copy video clip URL The painter on the rooftop. Views of the New York City skyline and surrounding buildings. A radio plays in the background. 

13:17Copy video clip URL An interview in a fundraising party for George McGovern’s presidential campaign in a backyard in West Nyack, New York with a young mother, holding her toddler, about the upcoming McGovern-Nixon presidential election.

14:48Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks other partygoers about their vote, including one woman who is undecided.

16:16Copy video clip URL Performer/artist Richard Milone asks partygoers to speak about McGovern, including one boy who says that he doesn’t wan’t to be interviewed. Milone asks him why while the camera focuses on the musicians. Milone chitchats with other people. 

20:32Copy video clip URL A conversation with a middle-aged man about the election. “If I want to vote for Mickey Mouse I’ll vote for him.” “Is he running?” More footage of partygoers.

25:08Copy video clip URL Partygoers discuss why they are supporting McGovern, including one woman who had volunteered for McGovern who talks about her fears if Nixon is re-elected.



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