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  • [Rubin’s Party 2]

    [Rubin’s Party 2]

    Conversations and performances at a party organized to raise money for George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign.

  • [Rubin’s Party 1]

    [Rubin’s Party 1]

    Conversations at a George McGovern fundraiser about the 1972 presidential election.

  • [Howard Zinn raw #29: Daniel Ellsberg speaks about his life and it was influenced by Zinn]

    [Howard Zinn raw #29: Daniel Ellsberg speaks about his life and it was influenced by Zinn]

    Daniel Ellsberg discusses the Pentagon Papers, the anti-war movement, and Howard Zinn.

  • Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Forty years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. Millions tuned in to his televised address to see what Nixon had to say about his presidency and his reasons for resigning. What they didn’t see was the seven minutes of the television pool feed before Nixon went live. It’s a fascinating counterpoint to the gravity of the event and a unique look at Nixon’s mindset at this defining moment of his career. The video also includes […]

  • New York, New York, Part 1

    New York, New York, Part 1

    This video aired on a New York TV program called “Perception.” It was recorded in the early seventies and is a lush cityscape that gives the viewer a glimpse into daily life in New York City.

  • Conventions 72

    Conventions 72

    This tape features a portion of the Group W national broadcast version of TVTV’s 1972 convention coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. (Separately produced as two 60 minute programs: “The World’s Largest TV Studio” on the DNC and “Four More Years” on the RNC.) It includes 45 minutes of FMY and 10 minutes of WLTVS, in addition to providing context for the way the television audience viewed the highly influential programs, including the introduction and commercials. This footage was the first independent video ever shown on national television.

  • Image Union, episode 0627

    Image Union, episode 0627

    0:00 Slate, count-in. 0:13 Image Union opening. 0:57 WBBM-radio’s Diane Abt interviews Chicago Mayor Harold Washington in his Hyde Park home. The interview starts out discussing race and later moves on to create a portrait of Washington’s daily life. 19:22 “The Nixon Tape” by Elon Soltes. Documentary about people who are obsessed with succeeding in photographing the elusive Richard Nixon. 27:20 Image Union credits. 28:40 End of tape.

  • Image Union, episode 0230: Four More Years

    Image Union, episode 0230: Four More Years

    Image Union episode featuring an excerpt from “Four More Years” by TVTV, a documentary taped at the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, FL. The tape focuses on several aspects of the convention, including the support Nixon received from young Republicans, the media coverage of the event, and the protests inside and outside of the convention. The end result of the spectacle was the nomination of Richard Nixon for President and Spiro Agnew for Vice President.

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