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  • [Master from 90’s West]

    [Master from 90’s West]

    Several segments shot by Nancy Cain and Jody Procter for The 90’s: Nixon Library, Blase Bonpane, Roz Wieman, Betsy Brown, activists in Eugene, Oregon, Radio Free Venice, Echo Man on Venice Beach, who should be president?.

  • The Nixon tape

    The Nixon tape

    Elon Soltes visits San Clemente, California, where photographers have been stationed for months trying to capture the ellusive former president Richard Nixon on film. This group of obsessives endures endless hours of boredom as they seemingly futilely wait for their chance to outsmart Nixon ‘s bodyguards and snap a valuable photograph.

  • [Nixon’s resignation]

    [Nixon’s resignation]

    Nixon’s resignation, with a full transcript, and some footage from just before the broadcast.

  • [Tom Weinberg compilation tape reel #1]

    [Tom Weinberg compilation tape reel #1]

    A collection of shows and videos providing insight and interviews with every day people as well as more well-known characters such as Studs Terkel, Walter Cronkite, and Bill Veeck. Also includes interviews centered around Elvis Presley’s funeral.

  • Four More Years

    Four More Years

    This video is for personal/educational use only. See more at TVTVNow: //www.tvtvnow.com/

    A documentary taped in 1972 at the 30th Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. It was the first independent videotape ever broadcast on national TV. The tape focuses on several aspects of the convention including the support Nixon received from young Republicans, the media coverage of the event, and the protests inside and outside of the convention. The end result of the spectacle was the nomination of Richard Nixon for President and Spiro Agnew for Vice President.

  • Image Union, episode 0627

    Image Union, episode 0627

    0:00 Slate, count-in. 0:13 Image Union opening. 0:57 WBBM-radio’s Diane Abt interviews Chicago Mayor Harold Washington in his Hyde Park home. The interview starts out discussing race and later moves on to create a portrait of Washington’s daily life. 19:22 “The Nixon Tape” by Elon Soltes. Documentary about people who are obsessed with succeeding in photographing the elusive Richard Nixon. 27:20 Image Union credits. 28:40 End of tape.

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