Rasa Dari Tari/The Soul of Dance

A portrait of the works of six Indonesian choreographers, interspersed with comments from the choreographers themselves.

0:00Copy video clip URL Intro with shots of multiple dancers followed by a title card.

0:26Copy video clip URL Several choreographers talk about their own personal styles and their relationships to Indonesian dance.

1:41Copy video clip URL Introduction to Jecko Siompo, from Papua. Interspersed with clips of his work In Front of Papua, Siompo talks about his own past in Papua and its role in dance. From Mark Freeman: “Jecko Siompo was raised in the jungles of Papua, at the eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago. His work, In Front of Papua, is a unique combination of ‘animal movement’ and hip-hop. Not such a stretch, since his grandmother assures him that ‘hip-hop came from Papua.'”

3:30Copy video clip URL Yola Yulfanti, composer of Update Status, discusses her dance style and the importance of dance to her. Her thoughts bisected by the performance of Update Status itself. From Mark Freeman: “Yola Yulfianti’s Update Status is a solo performed by Rizki Suharlin Putri in Kalimantan (the Indonesian portion of Borneo). The dancer moves before an enormous open pit coal mine. The contrast between her and the scarred industrialized landscape reflects the scale of the changes underway in Indonesia today.”

7:23Copy video clip URL Alongside clips of Opera Jawa 3, Garin Nugroho, its director, speaks on the thought behind his work. From Mark Freeman: “The Red Shawl/Selendang Merah is the final part of Garin Nugroho’s, Opera Jawa Trilogy. Nugroho is one of the most acclaimed film directors working in Indonesia today. This piece seamlessly adapts a traditional story, combined with contemporary expression in a live performance.”

11:07Copy video clip URL Sherli Novalinda, choreographer for Bodies of Malay, speaks to the piece’s relationship to historical gender roles within dance. Bodies of Malay plays. Novalinda explains the technique used within the piece. From Mark Freeman: “Sherly Novalinda’s dance film Bodies of Malay captures the progress of women from West Sumatra Indonesia who traditionally were forbidden to dance.”

14:37Copy video clip URL Padusi choreographer Tom Ibnur discusses tradition and change within dance. Padusi plays. From Mark Freeman: “Tom Ibnur’s Padusi is an entertaining spectacle with brilliant costumes and a company of enthusiastic young dancers. It’s a popular work updating a story based on tradition.”

16:40Copy video clip URL Rianto (Body Without a Brain) describes the relationship between himself, his body, and dance alongside his performance of Body Without a Brain. From Mark Freeman: “Body Without a Brain is a high risk, physically demanding performance. Rianto seems to be in a trance as he creates an unpremeditated encounter with the elements. He describes the work as like a tree without roots. The piece embodies anxiety as the natural world becomes ever more threatened.”

22:27Copy video clip URL The choreographers share several final thoughts on dance.

24:57Copy video clip URL Credits.



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