[Rostenkowski raw #105]

Raw footage from the 1981 documentary "Rostenkowski," a portrait of the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dan Rostenkowski, a powerful figure in Chicago (and national) politics. This is a continuation of the Whip meeting. Poor audio throughout. Video cuts in and out and goes to black throughout the tape. Most of the tape consists of setup. Audio switches back and forth between channels.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with Tip O’Neill discussing the accomplishments of the 96th Congress. “We’ve had hard and tough problems.” “It’s an average Congress. I think it’s a good Congress.” “It was a period of tough times in America.” O’Neill expresses his gratitude for everyone’s hard work. And in a stern and truthful tone, O’Neill says to the members of Congress that are leaving, “I want them to know that my door is always open.” “Once a member of Congress always a member of Congress. Once a member of Congress in my party, I’m always available to break my neck for them.” O’Neil receives a standing ovation from the group.

04:45Copy video clip URL Video cuts out and goes to black. Audio transfers over to left channel. Video cuts in and out throughout the rest of the video. The remaining footage is of the crew setting up. The audio keeps switching back and forth between channels as well. All of this continues until the end of the tape.

16:17Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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