[Spectra motion pictures : time-lapse footage]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Color bars

0:22 Time-lapse of cars going across highway quickly as moono moves across sky. Backround is a city.

0:44 Cars moving down highway.

1:02 Cars move across highways leading into a city. Three highways running side-by-side.

1:45 Clouds moving across city buildings as night falls.

2:05 A building at night.

2:15 Cars move across highways at night leading to and from city.

2:38 Black

3:18 Time-lapse slow-motion water coming into a shore against big rock formations from just above ground level.

4:26 Night falling over a bridge.

4:38 Water coming into a shore.

4:48 The coast at night.

5:00 A lighthouse at sunset.

5:10 Clouds moving across sky.

6:30 Black

6:50 Clouds during the day moving over a town against the backdrop of mountains.

7:00 Clouds moving across sky.

7:13 Cars moving down a city street at night.

7:40 Traffic lights at night changing red to green.

7:52 Cars moving down very dark highway at night.

8:02 Cars moving through suburban-like business area intersection during the day.

8:40 Cars driving in reflection of a building’s mirrored exterior.

9:23 Black

9:52 Cars driving slowly down a country road early in the morning, then at sunset.

10:25 A busy intersection where many lights change colors at night.

10:40 Clouds move across blue sky over city against mountain backdrop until night falls.

11:04 Shots of the moon.

11:12 Clouds move across sky at night in a city.

11:40 Country highway, cars drive during day.

11:45 Clouds move across sky over rolling hills with a few farms.

12:00 Black.

12:10 A rose blooms.

12:30 A rose blooms.

12:45 Black

13:00 End of tape.



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