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  • Poetry Live(s)

    Poetry Live(s)

    A short documentary featuring various performances of spoken word poetry, accompanied by thoughts from the poets themselves.

  • The Good War

    The Good War

    Prologue Theatre’s 1991 musical production of Studs Terkel’s award-winning “The Good War.” Using a simple set and minimal props, the cast evokes myriad characters whose monologues voice the different perspectives of those alive during World War II, including American soldiers, German soldiers, nurses, teenagers, Japanese civilians, and scientists.

  • [Spectra motion pictures: time-lapse footage]

    0:00 Time-lapse of a busy city at night, cars move quickly down the street and on a bridge. 0:50 Time-lapse of clouds moving over a mountain. 1:30 Time lapse of cars speeding down a highway. 1:40 Time-lapse of cars driving across a well-lit bridge, the New York skyline in the background. 3:30 Clouds moving across a bridge through until nightfall, when the bridge is well-lit. 3:55 Time-lapse of the New York City skyline. 4:05 Time-lapse of clouds moving across a […]

  • [Spectra motion pictures : time-lapse footage]

    0:00 Color bars

  • Image Union, episode 0815

    Image Union, episode 0815

    Image Union episode featuring highlights from the 1985 National Video Festival, presented by the American Film Institute and sponsored by Sony Corporation of America. The program includes work from Jonathan Borofsky and Gary Glassman, Saundra Sharp, and Jean-Luc Godard.

  • New Dance

    New Dance

    Compilation tape of various dance pieces produced by Skip Blumberg in 1986.

  • Image Union, episode 1008

    Image Union, episode 1008

    00:00 Slate. 00:26 Image Union opening. 01:16 “Chic A Go Go” by Henriette Chardak. Color film. A poetic and largely dialogue-free documentary about Chicago set to music from the 1950″s and 1960’s. Many areas and attractions around Chicago are featured, including: The “Rock ‘n Roll” McDonald’s, a tattoo shop, Maxwell Street Market, Ritz Hotel, and the Illinois Center (current State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center), 24:52 Image Union end credits.

  • Image Union, episode 0521

    Image Union, episode 0521

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of artists Cynthia Neal, Lilly Ollinger, and Tom Weinberg. Works include footage from Chicago’s Deep Tunnel Project, a portrait of an 11-year-old marathon runner, and an interview with a producer of x-rated pornographic films.

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