[Steve Dahl at Chicagofest Tape 3]

Footage from radio personality Steve Dahl's performance of several parodies of well-known rock songs in "Rock on the Roof" during Chicagofest in 1981, followed by interviews with fans. This is a continuation of tape 2.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with audio from the concert.

0:24Copy video clip URL Open on footage of the audience at Steve Dahl’s performance at Chicagofest 1981.

1:03Copy video clip URL Shot of a guitar with “disco sucks” on it. Crowd cheers for an encore / performance of the song “RTA,” which is obliged.

2:04Copy video clip URL Dahl returns to the microphone and shouts “RTA” before launching into the song that bemoans the quality of the public transit system in Chicago. He performs while holding a shovel to protect him from items being thrown at the stage.

5:46Copy video clip URL After the concert, concertgoers are interviewed about Dahl, including Penny Nichols from Oak Park (“He’s outrageous. He’s also very honest, I think he keeps us honest, too.”), a woman from Brookfield who likes the drummer, 18-year-old Linda Westphal from Elgin, Susie Russell from Plano Center, Pat Fahey from Oak Park (“He’s the most talented media person in Chicago. … Nothing’s sacred.”), Nick Mosen from Chicago (“He has a more weird sense of humor than I do. That’s pretty weird.”), Debbie from Bridgeport likes “everything, just everything! He’s the greatest, you can’t get any higher than Steve Dahl.”

8:35Copy video clip URL The group pulls a friend from Wilmette out of the crowd: “This guy’s partied with Steve Dahl!” This man is sheepish at first, but tells the camera, “I think he’s really good for the city of Chicago.”

9:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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