Studs’ Place: Card Shark

"Card Shark," an episode of "Studs' Place," features Studs and Chet trying to beat a card shark at his own game. They plan to expose the alleged traveling salesman as a hustler in order to protect the community. Their plan backfires after they jump to conclusions. Also featuring a song from Win Stracke.

0:18Copy video clip URL Opening credits.

0:30Copy video clip URL Announcer: “Welcome to Studs’ Place. It’s just a little place in the neighborhood where the food is good, the prices are reasonable, and the people you meet there are–well, let’s drop in and just see what sort of people are around tonight.”

0:48Copy video clip URL Pan into the dining room. A man is eating. Studs and Chet are playing cards. The man eating pulls out a deck of cards. Chet recognizes it as a “come on”–an attempt to draw Studs and Chet into a card game.

2:14Copy video clip URL The man, Dixon, introduces himself to Grace as a traveling salesman and shows her pictures of his children. About carrying cards, Dixon says: “It gets so lonesome on the road…” He shows her a card trick. Studs and Chet get up from their seats to watch. Back at his seat, certain, Chet says: “He’s a card shark!”

4:35Copy video clip URL Dixon leaves to go back to his hotel, but Grace invites him to stay in the dining room to play cards. Dixon passes by Chet and Studs on his way to the bathroom and asks: “Hey, are you playing for money or are you playing for fun?” Chet and Studs are convinced that Dixon is a card shark and is looking to hustle them. Grace disagrees and leaves into the kitchen. Chet and Studs discuss setting up a game with the card shark. Chet thinks it’s a duty to challenge Dixon to a game in order to expose him as a card shark. They talk their plan out with Grace. She is uncomfortable with gambling.

9:12Copy video clip URL Dixon returns from the washroom. Grace brings Win into the dining room. Chet and Studs tell Win their plan. They sit at Dixon’s table. Chet and Studs each light a cigarette. Studs counts out money on the table. Win sings a song and then leaves to shovel snow out of the alley.

12:41Copy video clip URL Studs: “Do you care to engage in a little friendly game?” Dixon: “Oh, you wanna play double solitaire?” Studs: “How bout a game with some action?” Studs raises the stakes to a quarter a card. Dixon: “I usually don’t play for money…” Grace interrupts with coffee.

13:47Copy video clip URL Advertisement for U.S. Savings Bonds.

14:46Copy video clip URL Return to Studs, Chet, and Dixon at the table. Dixon, having lost the first hand, raises the stakes to $0.50 a card. Dixon loses again and drops the stakes down to a quarter. Studs wins three times in a row. Grace comes in and tries to get them to stop playing: “It [gambling] can develop into a biological impulse!” Chet consoles Graces privately.

16:56Copy video clip URL Having lost $16.00, Dixon raises the stakes again and loses. Dixon leaves the table to make a phone call, but first raises the stakes to $50 a card. Chet crimps an ace into the deck to secure higher stakes, and leaves Studs to rig the other aces. Chet goes with Dixon to the piano to play a song.

20:41Copy video clip URL A policeman enters the restaurant: “I’m looking for a guy named Dixon, Ernie Dixon.” Dixon: “Yes, my name is Dixon, officer,  and I’m the one that called you. I want you to know that I came in this place to have a quiet meal and a quiet evening, and I find myself in a gambling den!” The officer: “Is this true, Grace?” Grace: “They were gambling.” Dixon tells the officer that he’s down $16 and that Studs won every hand. Dixon also believes that the cards are marked. The officer finds the aces Studs crimped. Officer: “I’m surprised. I’m really hurt…” Grace intervenes and talks about Chet and Studs’s good-hearted plot.

24:15Copy video clip URL Dixon, Grace, and the officer have worked everything out and Dixon is satisfied. The officer mentions that a squad car was called to the restaurant. He heads to the phone to call off the squad car just as Win comes in from shoveling the alley way with the announcement that a squad car just pulled up. For penance, Studs and Chet take Win’s place on shoveling duty.

26:37Copy video clip URL Win asks Dixon if he’d like to play a friendly game of cards. Scared, Dixon jumps out of his seat and dashes out of the restaurant: “No, you don’t!”

26:42Copy video clip URL End credits.

27:29Copy video clip URL Shot of Studs in the alley dressed in winter clothes, shovel in hand: “Thanks for dropping in folks. We came to you from Chicago.”

27:51Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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