The 90s

Footage of a promo shoot for The 90s t-shirts. An interview with The 90s videographer Patrick Creadon. May Day

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll, The 90s TV show playing on a TV. Joe Cummings watches.

00:20Copy video clip URL B-roll, the streets of downtown Chicago. The videographer, Tom Weinberg, photographs a guy selling The 90s t-shirts for seven dollars.

01:10Copy video clip URL Staged man-on-the-street interviews with a woman.

01:28Copy video clip URL B-roll of the Chicago River, downtown Chicago, and pedestrians.

01:49Copy video clip URL B-roll, Cummings and crew set up on a bridge to shoot a promo for The 90s t-shirts. B-roll of the shoot.

03:19Copy video clip URL B-roll of a guy selling The 90s t-shirts. B-roll of various city street scenes as Cummings records another take. Cummings calls for Susan for his eyeglasses. Weinberg reads the script for The 90s. Cummings continues calling for Susan. B-roll of various passersby.

05:03Copy video clip URL  Cummings returns with his eye glasses. He resumes his spot to record another take of the t-shirt promo. Various b-roll of the Wrigley Building, street pedestrians, Cummings rehearsing and recording his promo.

06:38Copy video clip URL Two women give a 90s promo holding The 90s t-shirt. “We watch The 90s!”

06:54Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of street activity. Chat with visitors from Poland and West Germany.

08:20Copy video clip URL Five Asian women record promos for The 90s. “We’re from Thailand. It’s the 90s!”

09:10Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of passersby. The 90s team hawks The 90s t-shirts.

10:02Copy video clip URL Terry gives a promo for The 90s. “On the outside I’m the 90s, on the inside I’m me.” Various promo tags from The 90s crew. Continued b-roll of Cummings and The 90s crew soliciting passersby.

12:22Copy video clip URL Daryl Morris records a promo “On the outside I’m the 90s, on the inside I’m me!”

13:37Copy video clip URL A promo from another passerby, AJ Perrino.

15:16Copy video clip URL Change of location. B-day cake celebrating the first birthday of The 90s TV show.

16:09Copy video clip URL Black.

16:16Copy video clip URL B-roll of a college or high school football picture. A person points to various players in the photo.

18:45Copy video clip URL Photo of a football player with his parents.The football player is Matt O’Connor. Various still photos of O’Connor in action on the football field. Various memorabilia: a trophy and a newspaper headline that reads “O’Connor senior rushes for 281 yards.”

30:01Copy video clip URL Black

30:26Copy video clip URL B-roll, out of focus footage shot by Joe Cummings. It’s a staged shot of videographer Patrick Creadon. Creadon notes he is going to Africa to see his brother. He says each summer friend takes a boat on the Chicago River and onto Lake Michigan. Camera pans the city skyline. Creadon adds that his brother is in Africa with the Peace Corps teaching English. Creadon advises Cummings to shoot some cutaways.

35:43Copy video clip URL B-roll of a boat, in focus, and a re-interview with Creadon with Creadon in focus this time. He reiterates he will work for The 90s this summer and travel to Africa.

38:09Copy video clip URL Black.

38:21Copy video clip URL B-roll, Chicago street scene, out of focus. B-roll of traffic stopped as a draw bridge rises. The videographer walks around with camera without realizing it’s still running. B-roll of cars stopped, the bridge rising; Creadon parks his car.

40:24Copy video clip URL The videographer crosses the street with Creadon. B-roll of a public parking lot. Creadon and the videographer walk through the parked cars spouting idle chit chat. B-roll of a person walking down the street, they run to catch up. Erratic shots as they chase the person.

43:24Copy video clip URL They catch up with Tom Weinberg and The 90s team. They continue walking towards Navy Pier. The group purchases tickets.

45:02Copy video clip URL B-roll of the group waiting and sitting. They talk to an old man sitting nearby. They group eats lunch. They talk on random topics: Haymarket Riot, history, nature, and pigeons. B-roll of the group feeding pigeons and seagulls.

51:33Copy video clip URL Change of location. A woman plays CD “War” in an office. Random shots without purpose: street scenes, man on a phone at his desk, computer, a video trade magazine.

53:19Copy video clip URL B-roll of Weinberg at his desk making phone calls, various workers at desks. Creadon fills a box with video tapes and prepares to mail them.

55:12Copy video clip URL END



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