[The 90s Election Specials raw: Alexander Cockburn]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Journalist Alexander Cockburn talks about the '92 primaries, the primary process, the candidates, the economy, the JFK myth and Oliver Stone's movie.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomakers Jody Procter and Kit Sibert arrives at the Black Angus restaurant and inn. A sign says, “Welcome to Eugene.” Procter reveals that we will be having breakfast with Alexander Cockburn, a columnist, “particularly working on debunking all the myths created by Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’.”

02:22Copy video clip URL Procter enters Cockburn’s hotel room. Procter explains to him what he wants Cockburn to talk about — the candidates and the primaries — as Cockburn prepares.

05:40Copy video clip URL Cockburn introduces himself and lists newspapers that for which he writes. Procter asks him about the American primary process. He describes it as “a great expenditure of money” to boost the economy. “Basically it’s a way of getting you used to the unbelievable,” i.e., the presidency of Clinton, Tsongas or Brown. He thinks that it’s odd that New Hampshire has the first primary.

07:20Copy video clip URL On Tsongas: “He’s [Tsongas is] merging his ideas of what to do with the economy with chemotherapy,” as a way of reaching out to the American people. Tsongas must, according to Cockburn, create a healthy appearance. The interview is briefly interrupted.

10:48Copy video clip URL Cockburn analyzes the scandals surrounding Clinton’s candidacy. He calls Hillary Clinton “competent,” but is doubtful of Bill Clinton. “Clinton’s just another neo-liberal, really.” He goes back to Tsongas, saying “Tsongas is a nightmare,” and criticizing his plans for investment.

19:22Copy video clip URL On Bush: “Bush never had the slightest idea about the economy… he was a Rockefeller Republican… which is premised on growth.” He says the same thing about Pat Buchanan.

21:11Copy video clip URL Cockburn says he thinks that the only one with any sense is Brown: “Brown is actually a human being, you can talk to Brown.” As for the media’s ignorance of Brown, Cockburn does acknowledge that Brown was “flaky.” But, “Brown so far has spoken to the corruption of the system.” He explains Brown’s idea for flat taxes. He criticizes Clinton’s economic program, and the media’s unfounded love of Clinton.

30:44Copy video clip URL “The system is in crisis.” Cockburn turns to talking about Michael Dukakis’ candidacy.

32:40Copy video clip URL Procter asks Cockburn to talk about his John F. Kennedy debunking, and criticism of Oliver Stone’s movie ‘JFK.’ Cockburn says that the movie caters to the myth, and portrays JFK as a “fallen god” who would have led us out of Vietnam. Cockburn thinks that if Kennedy had lived, it would have been worse. He talks specifically about multiple coups in which JFK was involved.

40:16Copy video clip URL Cockburn says that Reagan’s presidency was about recovering the past, and the “system” is failing. “Now what?” “As far as the world is concerned, we’re looking at absolute devastation.” He talks about the failed states in the Third World.

44:38Copy video clip URL The interview is over, and outside in the parking lot, Procter and Cockburn continue to chat about the (horrible) architecture of the motel. He tells a funny anecdote about Cokie Roberts and Jerry Brown. Cockburn makes fun of Procter’s car.

51:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Kit Sibert says:

    Please note that it was Jody Procter with me, not my sister Jody Sibert.

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