[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Appalshop primary poll questions #1]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. In this tape, voters in Kentucky are polled on who they will support in the primary election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Voter says he doesn’t have a favorite candidate or much of an opinion. He is not for President George H.W. Bush because of the economy, saying he worries about the unemployed and his family. He supports having Supreme Court judges popularly elected. He speaks on abortion as a complicated issue. He supports the legality of abortion in life-or-death situations, but not otherwise. He feels Americans deserve better healthcare.

05:24Copy video clip URL Orville Adams, a retired coal miner, says he is voting for Bush, a “good man [who] took care of that war over there.” “I’ve been a Republican all my life and I’m going to be for Bush if I live to get to the election.”

08:09Copy video clip URL Interview with Jim Reynolds, a Republican who says he will not vote for Bush, saying he neglected the home front. He says he wishes the Democrats would bring someone different, saying that Governor Bill Clinton’s reputation will allow Bush to beat him. He says that the most important thing is for people to have something to work at. He speaks of the importance of the United Mine Workers for the area. He says that the Democrats will probably run Governor Mario Cuomo and that he would vote for him.

13:45Copy video clip URL Nell Vance supports Clinton. She says that he should not be degraded for the Gennifer Flowers controversy because it is in the past.

15:57Copy video clip URL Taylor Lewis says she hasn’t been following much of the politics but did feel that Bush’s campaign announcement was superficial. She wants a younger president.

17:40Copy video clip URL The three women share their views on abortion, saying it’s not right.

19:42Copy video clip URL Man says he could not vote for Bush. He feels Bush hasn’t done anything for the elderly and low-income people. He says he’s 100% behind whatever Democrat receives the nomination but that Clinton is his favorite. He feels Bush inaccurately attributes the national debt to Democrats.

22:25Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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