[The 90s Election Specials raw: Arkansas & Hollywood connection 1]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Nancy Cain visits the set of "Designing Women" in order to talk to longtime Clinton family friend and fundraiser Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia Clinton, is in the studio audience to see her son (Bill's half-brother) Roger Clinton play in his band, Politics. This tape is raw footage for the master edit found on 10701.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Nancy Cain is at home and tells the camera she is about to visit the Warner Brothers studios. Tape cuts to Cain in the car, driving up to the studios. Shots of the exterior of the studios, waiting to be allowed in.

02:49Copy video clip URL Shots of offices inside, and a Clinton button. Cain chats with a woman in the office.

05:26Copy video clip URL In another office, Roger Clinton, Jr. is on the phone, after which Cain talks to him about his brother’s campaign, “It’s something that he’s worked for all his wife, and he richly deserves, and we’re just ecstatic about it.”

08:06Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain talks with various crew members on the TV set about Clinton’s campaign. “Everyone in the office is involved in the campaign.” Another emphasizes the amount of people involved with the campaign nationally.

15:30Copy video clip URL Cain tapes the other members of Roger Clinton’s band (Politics). Cain lets the viewers know that Clinton’s mother is being flown in from Arkansas as a surprise. The band starts practicing as the studio audience filters in.

19:34Copy video clip URL A comedian keeps the studio audience amused as the set of “Designing Women” is prepared. She asks the audience to say “y’all” and “chitlins” in unison.

22:04Copy video clip URL Roger Clinton, Jr.’s band, Politics, performs. Roger Clinton is the vocalist in this jazz / rock band.

34:21Copy video clip URL Linda Bloodworth-Thomason introduces Roger Clinton, Jr. as the “Future First Brother.” They surprise Roger with his mother, Viriginia, in the audience. Thomason then introduces the show.

39:40Copy video clip URL The live filming of “Designing Women” begins. Cameras roll across the set as the actors perform the scene.

43:13Copy video clip URL The filming pauses and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason goes on-set to give notes on the script.

50:16Copy video clip URL The filming begins again.

51:55Copy video clip URL Cain talks to Bloodworth on-set about fundraising, who promises an interview later.

52:44Copy video clip URL Roger Clinton, Jr. performs again, as Virginia Clinton beams.

56:13Copy video clip URL Cain approaches Virginia Clinton about both her sons being musicians, who explains Bill plays the saxophone.

57:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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