[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Monday #3]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Democratic National Convention, Monday #3 in New York. On the first night of the convention, "General" John Hart directs Governor Bill Clinton whips and supporters on the floor. They counter demonstrators for Jerry Brown.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from the Clinton trailer in Madison Square Garden. Hart shouts that the visibility supporters need to raise their signs so that they can assess the gaps.

01:20Copy video clip URL Sky Johnson, listed as the Clinton Convention Coordinator, is interviewed for a behind-the-scenes news piece. Hart comments off-screen that Johnson had not done a thing all day. The newswoman and Johnson enter the trailer. There is TV footage of the piece while we hear audio from Hart’s mic inside the trailer. He calls for a round of cheering as the video concludes.

03:52Copy video clip URL Hart and another staffer plan to lead a chant of “Read Our Lips, No Second Term” six minutes into a speech. They follow updates on Brown’s location and the activities of his supporters.

09:04Copy video clip URL Hart makes a decision to defend the platform after they overhear Brown supporters saying that “the shit is about to hit the fan” and heading for the platform.

12:25Copy video clip URL In the trailer they countdown to and watch the “Read Our Lips” chant come off successfully.

13:48Copy video clip URL “Dan Rather’s got Jerry Brown signs behind him!”

15:21Copy video clip URL From the trailer they watch a sea of Clinton signs and Hart tells them “It looks great on TV.” Hart gives details of where Brown is going to have an interview telling them to flood with Clinton signs and supporters.

16:24Copy video clip URL Hart announces that they need to flood supporters and signs to a certain section of the floor where Brown will be giving an interview.

19:05Copy video clip URL Hart declares “We’re protecting our left flank!” They call him “General.”

20:41Copy video clip URL Hart sits down with videomaker Scott Jacobs for a moment. He says that his first convention was good. He makes reference to the “Brown counteroffensive” and calls the process “trial by fire.” He tells Jacobs that he was an attorney before heading to Little Rock, where he meant to stay for seven days but stayed for seven months.

21:55Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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