[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Georgia #2]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. President George H.W. Bush continues his Presidential Whistle Stop Tour, making speeches to supporters in Georgia.

00:02Copy video clip URL Footage from Bush’s Presidential Whistle Stop Tour. They arrive in Cornelia, GA.

03:15Copy video clip URL Bush is introduced as the man who has done “more for freedom than any other living American.” He points to a supporter holding a sign that reads “This is Bush/Braves country, not Clinton/Dodgers country.” Bush says again that it’s not over until Cabrera swings. Bush speaks poorly of Washington “insider” talk shows and says that Governor Bill Clinton will raise taxes and spending. He advocates term limits for Congress. He says that Clinton tries to be on all sides of every issue, citing Desert Storm. “He would say ‘I’m for the Bluejays, but I’m also for the Braves.’ I’m firmly for the Braves.” Bush says that he wants four more years to help people and to have the United States lead the world out of the place that it is in.

13:45Copy video clip URL Footage of the countryside from Georgia into South Carolina.

19:52Copy video clip URL Bush is introduced in Spartanburg, SC. There is a spectacular display of white balloons being released. Bush urges the crowd to vote for new Congressman and jokes that the Pepto-Bismol factory must be seeing its sales rise during the campaign. He charges Clinton with poor performance in Arkansas. He calls Al Gore the “ozone man,” saying, “Bush extolls America’s place in the world” and the crowd chants “We’re number one!” Bush concludes by saying that America is on the move, not the decline. There are fireworks at the end of his address.

35:02Copy video clip URL School band performs. A reporter says that the food is better on the Bush campaign but the hotels were nicer with Gore. He differentiates Gore and Bush motorcades because with Bush “you can run all the red lights you want.” Second graders hold up signs for Bush.

44:30Copy video clip URL Bush speaks in Gastonia, NC. He makes the same points to differentiate himself from Clinton. He cites as his favorite bumper sticker “Annoy the Media: Re-elect Bush.”

46:40Copy video clip URL Bush visits Kannapolis accompanied by Congressmen Strom Thurmond, Cass Ballenger, and Alex McMillan. Bush gives his approval to regional politicians Jim Gardner, Jim Martin, Lauch Faircloth. Bush challenges Clinton on his record in Arkansas and waffling on the war and other issues. He defends his decisions in Desert Storm, saying that they prevented Saddam Hussein both from gaining control of three-fifths of the oil worldwide and developing a nuclear weapon.

60:47Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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