[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. In this tape, Hillary Clinton campaigns for her husband at several events in New Hampshire and is interviewed en route.

00:00Copy video clip URL Local newswoman explains how she meets most of the candidates every year. She laughs that her whole newsroom has “the Bill Clinton flu” from when the candidate visited and was “coming down with something.”

00:29Copy video clip URL Clinton leaves hotel and gets into van.

02:36Copy video clip URL Hillary Clinton speaks with supporters. She thanks voters for support and speaks optimistically about her husband’s campaign. They drop in on several local businesses, including a convenience store, a bankers association, a pizza place, and a travel agent’s.

15:05Copy video clip URL Hillary speaks with a young undecided voter about Bill. She refers to his long-standing position as governor and his hands-on experience.

17:52Copy video clip URL Clinton visits a bakery, a gift shop, a salon and a shoe sale. She meets more voters and promotes her husband.

21:44Copy video clip URL Clinton: “The most important thing is to nominate someone that can beat George Bush and of course we think that we’re in the best position nationally to do that.”

22:35Copy video clip URL Audio drops to very low levels. Clinton speaks with reporters as they travel to the next stop. She speaks on the election focusing on the issues and their attempt to get their message out in diverse ways to as many people as possible.

25:45Copy video clip URL Clinton says that she has never had aspirations to hold political office and has been focused on efforts for children’s well-being. She says she will be very involved in the presidency.

28:13Copy video clip URL Reporter asks about Gennifer Flowers, who had publicly claimed to have had an affair with Bill. Clinton says that Flowers seems like she would do anything for money and that she feels sorry for the women who got caught up in the situation and used for political purposes.

31:40Copy video clip URL Reporter asks about Hillary’s communication with other candidates’ spouses. Hillary speaks on the variety of spouses’ roles and the job of the First Lady, ranging from personal to public. She explains that she and Bill are used to both dealing with career work and working as a team. She calls her marriage representative of a new approach common to her generation.

35:05Copy video clip URL Hillary speaks on her and Bill being in touch with real people and daily events. She says that changes in the couple in the White House are representative of larger societal change.

37:40Copy video clip URL Hillary speaks on Bill’s listening and engagement in conversation. She says that people often confide in Bill immediately when they first meet him. She attributes some of the engagement to the personal style of politics in Arkansas.

41:40Copy video clip URL Clinton: “I never regret for a minute being the kind of person and being married to the kind of person who is willing to be engaged in the world and try to change things for the better.”

44:38Copy video clip URL Hillary speaks on the press: “I think the press is real confused about their role now.” She places the press’ confusion in a larger picture of national change, reconfiguration, and innovation. She calls Clinton similar to John F. Kennedy in that he inspires people to get involved with a movement and make a difference.

47:30Copy video clip URL Video malfunctions.

48:45Copy video clip URL Video and audio resume normalcy. Hillary is introduced at the University of New Hampshire.

49:25Copy video clip URL Hillary takes the podium. She speaks on engaging young people and a national service trust fund. She speaks on reducing unnecessary costs in healthcare and using the funds to provide healthcare to those without. She closes with the need for a unifying president such as she believes Bill can be.

52:17Copy video clip URL Hillary signs autographs and speaks individually with students.

53:38Copy video clip URL Footage from the office of the “Dark Horse” candidates.

54:40Copy video clip URL Audio levels drop. Interview with Jack Trinsey about organizing the dark horse candidates to pool resources and the hidden difficulties of campaigning and trying to get on ballots.

58:37Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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