[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Little Rock #1]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Election Night, Little Rock #1. Preparations for election results party.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from an airport where a woman hands out a city map and says the excitement is very high. Footage of driving. Convention center sign welcomes visitors to Little Rock, boasting of the status of “All America City 1992.” Footage of news vans and others. Audio is low.

09:01Copy video clip URL Footage from inside the national headquarters. Vendors sell paraphernalia.

14:29Copy video clip URL A cleaning woman says that she does not know who will win and that she has no preference.

17:03Copy video clip URL Arkansas fundraiser Mark Middleton says that Governor Bill Clinton got a strong start from his home state. He remarks on how the atmosphere has changed since the day that Clinton announced his candidacy. Asked what he’ll do after the campaign, Middleton answers that Clinton will take care of his supporters.

21:08Copy video clip URL Young men sell shirts with Clinton playing saxophone that say “You Blew It, Bill.” An energetic man sells cheap cologne.

24:06Copy video clip URL Supporters shop for shirts and buttons. Supporter Alan March says that he’s from Illinois, not Arkansas, but to keep it a secret saying, “that’s between you, me, and a fence post.” The customer says that he would like to see Ross Perot on Clinton’s cabinet.

31:53Copy video clip URL Staffers prepare balloons inside the convention center.

33:22Copy video clip URL Man gives advice on where to eat. A man calls all of downtown Little Rock a big press and celebrity party, saying 1 in 5 are locals.

36:26Copy video clip URL More vendors sell victory shirts out on the street.

41:32Copy video clip URL Robyn Dickey, family friend of the Clintons and former manager of the governor’s mansion, makes sure things are moving along smoothly. She speaks with the camera operator. She says that her daughter, who babysits, is Chelsea’s top aide. They meet with a supporter whose son told Bill as he voted, “It was my lucky year–I was voted president of the student council. I hope it’s your lucky year and you get elected president.” They plan for the Clintons’ night. She is greeted by many in the crowd.

58:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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