[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Pat Buchanan in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Pat Buchanan campaigns in New Hampshire the day before the primary election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Several candidates mingle with reporters at Saint Anselm College in Manchester.

05:50Copy video clip URL Pat Buchanan arrives at a radio station and meets supporters and press.

08:12Copy video clip URL Footage from bus.

09:10Copy video clip URL Buchanan arrives in his bus to meet supporters and press. Enthusiastic supporters attempt to crowd out and hide several detractors carry signs that say “Pat: Defending Nazis is Unpatriotic” and “Pat = Duke without the Sheet.”

10:32Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks optimistically with the audience.

13:20Copy video clip URL Buchanan poses with a news camera.

14:58Copy video clip URL Reporter says Buchanan is attracting crowds but questions whether he will get votes on the following day.

16:06Copy video clip URL Buchanan addresses reporters and supporters; he makes a joke about Dan Quayle.

16:50Copy video clip URL Footage from bus.

21:00Copy video clip URL More Buchanan supporters and detractors.

22:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks to supporters. “I think they are nervous in Washington.”

22:40Copy video clip URL Detractors call Buchanan anti-Semitic; supporters argue with them.

24:35Copy video clip URL Trailer with a rocket on top reads “Launch a Patriot to Washington – Putting and Keeping America First.”

26:00Copy video clip URL Footage from bus.

25:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan signs autographs and leaves.

26:55Copy video clip URL Buchanan greets local radiowoman.

27:28Copy video clip URL Dog wearing a sweater “Old Dogs for Buchanan.”

28:15Copy video clip URL More supporters of Buchanan; Buchanan signs a copy of his book and poses for a photo with a child.

30:26Copy video clip URL Man holds a sign saying “We have an idea if you’re a U.S. resident” and says that it’s directed at Schwarzenegger.

30:54Copy video clip URL Footage from bus.

32:15Copy video clip URL Buchanan arrives at another campaign stop.

33:29Copy video clip URL Enthusiastic supporters chant “Patrick J. all the way!” as Buchanan leaves.

33:49Copy video clip URL The audio goes very low during an interview with Buchanan. He says that the new experience for him campaigning is the intensity of visiting so many locations and meeting so many voters in small groups. He says that New Hampshire voters are very direct and demanding with the politicians. He describes the campaigning period as very exciting. Buchanan speaks poorly of Bush’s failure to make an appearance in New Hampshire. He says that in order to run against the incumbent president one must have a dream for the future but also an acceptance of being ridiculed and humiliated. He is asked about being able to relate to Jesse Jackson and says that they are similar in that they come out of a cause rather than the political elite. He explains briefly his path to the candidacy from journalism.

42:41Copy video clip URL Buchanan and a coordinator discuss some campaign plans.

42:40Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks with a campaign coordinator.

43:45Copy video clip URL A woman asks Buchanan about the difference between being a candidate and being behind the scenes as a columnist. He mentions heightened tension and culpability.

46:53Copy video clip URL Buchanan makes another campaign stop to make a radio appearance.

48:47Copy video clip URL Bush-Quayle supporters.

49:26Copy video clip URL Women describes a visit by First Lady Barbara Bush.

51:41Copy video clip URL Photographer outside of a Tsongas event speaks on the press covering the campaign. “The press is too big. There’s more media here than will probably cover the rest of the process through the election…. It’s a wonder that somebody hasn’t gotten killed yet.” He explains that his camera is limited and his small ladder is standard equipment.

54:03Copy video clip URL Man holds a sign that reads “Larry Head …instead” and says that Larry Head advocates individuals improving the world without asking for big government to solve their problems.

54:21Copy video clip URL Numbers are read in an office for Bush that show him winning. Crowd chants “four more years!”

56:00Copy video clip URL Bush supporter: “Cross out Buchanan! We win!”

57:10Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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