[Primary election night in Illinois news, 5:30-6:30]

Footage recorded for The 90's election specials. This tape features Channel 7 WLS-TV Chicago news on primary election night five thirty to six thirty pm.

00:00Copy video clip URL Sam Donaldson reports from the studio on the election. Governor Bill Clinton, Senator Paul Tsongas, and Jerry Brown campaign on election day. Clinton jogs in downtown Chicago on Lake Street. Brown campaigned in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Polls show Clinton receiving a majority of black and blue collar votes. Voters who stress truthfulness favor Brown and Tsongas over Clinton. Coverage of the Chicago Democratic “machine” support for Clinton.

04:55Copy video clip URL Coverage of the Representative Charles Hayes check bouncing scandal.

08:17Copy video clip URL Coverage of the economy: inflation, construction, and manufacturing. An economist says that it is clear that the recession is over. Canadians dispute taxes and tariffs on lumber and cars imported to the United States.

14:14Copy video clip URL Coverage of explosion at Israeli embassy in Argentina.

14:29Copy video clip URL Coverage of reform vote in South Africa.

16:53Copy video clip URL 10,000 pro-Communism demonstrators in Moscow protest the government.

19:21Copy video clip URL Report asks when high-speed police pursuits are worth the risk.

25:40Copy video clip URL A group of law students volunteer to help Haitians in a refugee center apply for asylum.

28:41Copy video clip URL Coverage of the elections. Redistricting has been the main source of confusion. Voter turnout is reported as 56%.

31:45Copy video clip URL Coverage of the William Lipinski / Martin Russo U.S. House race, including Russo’s charge against Lipinski of voter fraud.

33:38Copy video clip URL President George H.W. Bush campaigns in Arkansas, Pat Buchanan in Michigan. Brown shakes hands in Michigan. Clinton, in Chicago, is too superstitious to make a prediction. His campaign manager says that they did the planning to win and that the message is the important thing.

35:38Copy video clip URL Tsongas headquarters in Hartford. Tsongas jokes while holding a door open for voters.

37:26Copy video clip URL Pate-Hoeft race for committeeman. Referendums for schools’ tax money are up to votes.

45:12Copy video clip URL Coverage of a murder and a fire. House construction is up; gasoline is $1.05 a gallon.

49:43Copy video clip URL Coverage of high school basketball, the Bulls, tennis, and the MLB. Baseball players comment on the downside of signing autographs.

1:01:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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