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  • The Legacy of Chernobyl

    The Legacy of Chernobyl

    “I can see war. I cannot see radiation. I look around one day and I am dead.” —Dick Gregory, 1979 Illinois is a state of nuclear renown. The first ever atomic chain reaction took place at the University of Chicago in 1942. In 1960 the nation’s first full-scale, privately financed nuclear power plant, Dresden Generating Station, opened in northern Illinois. Today, Illinois continues to be the number one nuclear power producer in the U.S. and a nexus of the debate around […]

  • [Illinois Senate Race]

    [Illinois Senate Race]

    Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Al Salvi are campaigning for the 1996 Illinois Senate race. Both candidates are seeking to moderate their messages in an attempt to win over moderate, mainstream voters.

  • [1988 Super Tuesday results]

    [1988 Super Tuesday results]

    These two news clips cover the results of Super Tuesday leading up to the Democratic nomination for the 1988 presidential election, including an interview with Michael Dukakis following his strong showing in the elections.

  • [Black’s Service Station raw #2]

    [Black’s Service Station raw #2]

    Camera original footage showing a day in the life of Clarence and Harold Black working at their service station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Additional raw footage is on tapes 16600 and 16602. The edited version is on tape 16604.

  • [Ilinois political candidate ads 1979-1982 by Don Rose]

    [Ilinois political candidate ads 1979-1982 by Don Rose]

    Illinois political candidate advertisements from 1979 – 1982. Candidates include Jane Byrne for Mayor, Jim Edgar for Secretary of State, Neil Hartigan for Attorney General, Bernard Carey for Cook County State’s Attorney, Seymour Simon for Illinois Supreme Court, and an ad for a team of lawyers running for Illinois Appellate Court.

  • Royko At The Goat

    Royko At The Goat

    “Royko at The Goat” by Scott Jacobs and Lilly Ollinger. A relaxed conversation with legendary columnist Mike Royko at the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago in July 1982. Royko shares some of his greatest memories playing sixteen inch softball with a group of friends over beers and burgers.

  • Warp discussion, Part II

    Warp discussion, Part II

    This tape features footage of a conversation between writer Stuart Gordon, actor Cecil O’Neal, and writer Lenny Kleinfeld (who co-wrote the play under the pseudonym Bury St. Edmund), talking about the Broadway production of the Organic Theater’s “Warp.”

  • [Lili’s birthday and Christmas in McHenry]

    [Lili’s birthday and Christmas in McHenry]

    This tape contains footage of a Christmas and Birthday party in 1976 in McHenry, Illinois. Lilian Bender was celebrating her 70th birthday with her family. The tape is a quintessential representation of Christmas in the Midwest.

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