[Black’s Service Station raw #2]

Camera original footage showing a day in the life of Clarence and Harold Black working at their service station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Additional raw footage is on tapes 16600 and 16602. The edited version is on tape 16604.

00:00Copy video clip URL A man puts snow chains on a tire.

02:55Copy video clip URL B-roll of the auto garage, clean up and paperwork. A man researches a price for a part and writes up an estimate. He settles a $65 bill with a customer.

05:44Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of the environment, the work space, and auto parts on the shelves.

08:10Copy video clip URL Black.

08:15Copy video clip URL B-roll of a man with a customer.

09:18Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of auto parts on shelves.

10:27Copy video clip URL B-roll of a man and customer talking, paying a bill. Another customer orders something while others are hanging out chit chatting. One of the customers is an elderly man, a World War II veteran. He is talking about his war experience in the Navy. While on a ship in a hold near the magazine, an explosion killed the four men he was with. He was the only survivor. He is talking to a young man about a carburetor he is building. He adds that years ago he was a rebel.

16:30Copy video clip URL B-roll of a service tech going about his business, servicing a car at the gas pump. The World War II veteran gets in his pick up truck and drives off.

19:01Copy video clip URL B-roll of a man inflating a rubber inner tube.

22:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends mid-shot.



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