[The 90’s Election Specials raw: primary poll questions #1]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features interviews with voters about who they plan to vote for in the primary election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Barbara Muelling. “I hate Bush. Anybody’s better than Bush.” She says she does not believe in “buy American” and points out that foreign companies hire Americans.

02:57Copy video clip URL Interview with Harry Spears. “I can’t name one of ’em. ‘Cause every year it’s the same. It’s a rat race.” He says that there’s no solution for the trade deficit, saying “It takes a revolution to make a solution.” He expresses overall disillusionment with the candidates.

06:44Copy video clip URL Interview with Patricia Bock. She says that it’s been years since she was really into a candidate, citing broken promises, but that she likes Governor Bill Clinton. She speaks on the scandal. “Everybody’s got dirt. C’mon. Your private life is yours…. I think Abraham Lincoln and everybody had their funzies.” She advocates charity at home and buying American. She says she felt bad for the criticism that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received regarding the Anita Hill scandal.

15:10Copy video clip URL Interview with Asrat Hanna, an undecided voter. He says he’s leaning towards Senator Paul Tsongas (D-MA) and feels President George H.W. Bush is doing a poor job with foreign affairs.

21:30Copy video clip URL Interview with Rob Bhattacharya. He thinks Clinton will win. He is Canadian and thinks their healthcare system is superior. Regarding the trade deficit, he says he favors neither protectionism nor totally free trade but rather thinks the solution is focusing on long-term planning.

29:23Copy video clip URL Interview with Barry Smith. He says Clinton is the only one that’s made an impression on him and that was for negative press. He cites the economy and abortion as major issues. He labels isolationist trade as overly simplistic. He doesn’t like Bush because of increased homelessness, emphasis on military spending, and silence regarding AIDS.

31:58Copy video clip URL Young woman requests easy questions from the crew. “I’m going to vote for Bush again. I don’t like any of the Democratic candidates.” She says that as a woman she is interested in the issues of abortion and sexual harassment.

34:10Copy video clip URL Tony Mayorcas says he’s disappointed with all the candidates. He likes Tsongas but worries about his electablility. He says he’s very worried about the Supreme Court with Thomas, conservatives, and abortion coming up again. He favors competition over protectionism.

37:13Copy video clip URL Newspaper man says he thinks Bush will win, abortion will be an issue for the Supreme Court, and that he can’t really say what issues will be important in the election.

38:09Copy video clip URL Older man Jim Napoleon says he’s going to vote for Bush. A second, Claude Walton, says the main issue will be health insurance. The third, Ray McLander, says Americans need to stop focusing on the short-term. Second man calls abortion too controversial of an issue and the third pins it down to individual versus collective rights.

41:08Copy video clip URL Man says he thinks Bush will win again, his economic booster will work eventually, and that he’s not familiar with the other candidates.

42:24Copy video clip URL Chuck Monroe says he does not follow politics and is not registered to vote. He says national health insurance will be an issue and is important to him. He advocates “buying American” and thinks abortion will be an issue for the Supreme Court. He says the last person he voted for was Nixon and adds, “look how that turned out.”

44:17Copy video clip URL Joe Menolascino finds the Democrats to be weak and thinks that George Bush failed at home but was effective in foreign policy. He think the economy is the most important issue and buying American products.

46:27Copy video clip URL Robert Barges says, “I’d rather go with Bush. He’s already proven himself, even though he did mess up the economy a little bit.” He says he would favor protectionism with Japan but he feels you have to worry about everywhere else, not just one country.

48:39Copy video clip URL Karen Nierlich says it’s hard to choose who to vote for. She mentions Governor Mario Cuomo’s write-in campaign and Clinton’s scandal. Regarding the major issues she says: “I think everyone knows what they are and our ability to do something about them… everybody I think feels uncertain about. We don’t have a national plan or a commitment to an agenda that we’re going to pursue.”

51:50Copy video clip URL Student Jennifer Smith says she doesn’t have time to follow politics. “I heard about this one guy. What was his name? Bill Clinton, maybe. Who like screwed up on his draft.”

53:54Copy video clip URL Ann Stepan says she wishes Cuomo were running. She says she’s disappointed with Bush’s approach to the economy and says the country is going downhill. She says she is very pro-choice and says its a big year for women. She advocates buying American but also increasing competitiveness.

57:08Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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