[The 90’s Election Specials raw: senatorial candidates forum]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials.  At the Shalom Project Senatorial Candidates forum.

00:00Copy video clip URL Static.

00:20Copy video clip URL The tape opens in a car with Tom Weinberg. Then the tape cuts to a sign that says “Operation Exodus, ‘Never Again’ is Now” with both the Star of David and the hammer and sickle. At their destination, Videomaker Pat Creadon and Weinberg meet Jeff Schoenberg, a politician running for reelection outside, and then go inside.

02:00Copy video clip URL At the Shalom Project Senatorial Candidates forum. Candidate Carol Moseley Braun arrives at the crowded auditorium. A man lets everyone know that Braun’s opponent, incumbent Al Hofeld, will not appear. According to the forum’s organizers, Hofeld had to cancel at the last minute because of an objection to participating with Braun.

04:45Copy video clip URL Braun gives a short speech about her devotion to politics, and then answers questions from the audience. The first two questions are about military spending and environmental concerns.

12:42Copy video clip URL The third question is about nuclear weapons. The camera wanders as Braun gives a long answer supporting cooperation. She goes on to promote her ideas about education and literacy.

18:20Copy video clip URL A man in the audience asks about her opinions on the relationship between the Jewish community and the black community. An older woman then asks about splitting the vote.

21:23Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to the man, Jerry Birkhahn (?), who initially introduced the event, describing the publicity for the event. The event was originally supposed to be all three candidates, but Braun was the only one who ended up coming.

23:50Copy video clip URL The event is over, and Creadon tapes the attendees leaving the event. Some people are upset that Hofeld didn’t show up, calling him arrogant. Bob Williamson says, “If he really wants to represent the people of Illinois, he has to meet the people of Illinois.”

28:53Copy video clip URL Back inside, Braun is still talking to individuals with remaining questions. She then leaves, and talks to Creadon and Weinberg. However, she is distracted by people standing around outside. She gets in a car and leaves.

32:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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