[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Tsongas and Nader in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape follows Senator Paul Tsongas campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire and Ralph Nader at a senior center and WMUR-TV in NH.

00:00Copy video clip URL Supporters hold a sign for Kerrey.

00:13Copy video clip URL Statue dedicated to veterans of the Spanish American War.

01:19Copy video clip URL Band plays for Tsongas at Manchester Central High School.

02:53Copy video clip URL Students bustle in the hallway.

03:23Copy video clip URL Tsongas enters the auditorium.

05:44Copy video clip URL Tsongas addresses the audience. He speaks on his experience at Dartmouth College and how President John F. Kennedy inspired him to join the Peace Corps. “Those were the best two years of my life… because I spent two years of my life teaching students who had nothing except a desire to learn.” Tsongas shows the students an instrument and a seat that he got in Ethiopia.

13:43Copy video clip URL Tsongas answers a question and gives his support for affirmative action.

14:32Copy video clip URL Tsongas speaks on President George H.W. Bush’s failure to be visit New Hampshire and be direct about the economic policy of his administration.

16:21Copy video clip URL A student asks how Tsongas would undo the damage done by Presidents Reagan and Bush to the economy.

17:36Copy video clip URL A student asks if Tsongas has ever considered the positive economic possibilities of legalizing marijuana. Tsongas answers with a cautionary message against the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. He states that contemporary youths have much more to worry about than in the past. He includes an example of drug use in Ethiopa, calling it an international issue.

20:29Copy video clip URL Tsongas speaks on the necessity of recognizing the AIDS epidemic, promoting AIDS research, and the possibility of appointing a national spokesman of AIDS awareness. He mentions his support for gay rights. “If you still agree that we ought to discriminate against gays, in my opinion you’re not a liberal.”

23:23Copy video clip URL Tsongas says recycling is a necessity and will be a national program if he is president.

24:25Copy video clip URL Tsongas is asked about his position on euthanasia and says that he feels it is the right of the individual to request an end to treatment.

25:53Copy video clip URL Tsongas is given a “Central” cap and begins to sign autographs for the students.

28:38Copy video clip URL Tsongas answers a question on the types of issues that are important to the students.

30:50Copy video clip URL Tsongas comments on Pat Buchanan and says “I would like to have Dan Quayle campaign on behalf of George Bush…. My vice president nominee… and Dan Quayle will be held up side by side.”

31:35Copy video clip URL Tsongas leaves.

32:45Copy video clip URL Footage around Manchester Central High School.

35:10Copy video clip URL Ralph Nader arrives at a senior center.

36:40Copy video clip URL Nader: “We are involved in a citizen activity here in New Hampshire…. To put citizens more back in charge of shaping the agenda…. You have the citizens who want to discuss very important issues…. The candidates have very slick PR and just want you to listen and watch and vote. I don’t think that’s enough in a democracy.”

38:13Copy video clip URL Nader says the politicians need humbling and advocates repealing Congress’ pay raises, establishing a 12-year term limit, and voting for him as a vote for “none of the above.”

40:10Copy video clip URL Nader attributes New Hampshire’s economic trouble to greed of bankers and politicians.

42:25Copy video clip URL Nader says none of the candidates are trustworthy regarding the good of the consumer because they don’t need to or refuse to take on big companies, especially pharmaceuticals.

45:50Copy video clip URL Nader iterates failures in American healthcare and points to Canada as an example.

48:25Copy video clip URL Nader’s address ends.

48:57Copy video clip URL Footage following Nader to WMUR-TV.

49:24Copy video clip URL Nader at WMUR-TV studios.

50:43Copy video clip URL Newswoman introduces Nader.

51:23Copy video clip URL Nader speaks on the need for reform to spread out power away from the few leaders in business and Washington.

52:50Copy video clip URL Nader explains that he is not running as an official candidate so that he can avoid the corruption of the political process.

54:25Copy video clip URL Nader leaves the studio.

54:42Copy video clip URL Nader arrives at the office of Senator Bob Smith. He speaks on Congress’ pay raise and how politicians voted for or against it based on whether or not they were up for reelection soon.

57:05Copy video clip URL Interview with Nader. “The only TV station in New Hampshire gave me about two minutes… It reached a lot of people but there wasn’t a chance to explain very much…. It was pretty contrary to the kind of reflection on the important issues… that communication systems should permit.”

58:37Copy video clip URL Nader speaks with supporters on his political humility agenda and access to communication.

59:25Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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