[The 90’s raw: bar b-roll]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. B-roll and conversation with patrons of two bars: Rich's First One Today (in Bucktown at Palmer and Leavitt) and Joz's Laundry Bar And Cafe, an innovative place combining a laundromat, bar, and restaurant (in Wrigleyville).

00:00Copy video clip URL The camera looks around Rich’s First One Today as the bartender and customers chat. There are three middle aged or older men sitting at the bar around midday. There is an old TV show playing in the back of the bar. The bartender, Rich, serves them beers and sodas. They talk about baseball for a time.

17:50Copy video clip URL Videomaker Joe Angio talks to Rich Wadzinski, the owner of the bar, who comments that the bar is like a social club. Rich’s wife brings Rich something to eat, and one of the customers gets up to play an arcade version of a slot machine.

20:17Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to footage from across the street of the exterior of the bar.

22:55Copy video clip URL Cuts to tape of a laundromat, where world music plays as people do their laundry. A neon sign says, “loads of fun.” The camera walks into a hallway, which leads to a cafe and bar. The cameraman asks for a soda from the bartender. The tape cuts when Angio is talking to the bartender, and the camera continues to watch the bartender and customers. The bartender, Matthew Kampert, has a shirt that also says, “loads of fun.” Angio asks about the bar, and the bartender explains the combination of a laundromat and a bar, and thinks that the laundromat is appealing because it’s clean. The man next to Angio at the bar works in the kitchen, and Angio talks to him about food, briefly. Then the cook says he owns a Super 8 film camera but cannot find film for it, and he and Angio discuss filming expenses. Then Angio turns back to the bartender, and he says that he doesn’t have to do much more than the typical bartender. There are shots of the drinks menu, which are laundry themed (“spin cycle,” e.g.).

42:43Copy video clip URL External shots of the place, whose sign reads “Launder – bar & cafe.” A man walks by with some laundry.

44:56Copy video clip URL The tape goes back to Rich’s First One, where music plays as Rich talks to a customer. A woman decides what to play on the jukebox. The conversations going on are unintelligible. A basketball game is playing on television. One woman addresses Angio, asking him about the camera. The camera cuts, and Angio explains that he just moved to the neighborhood, and they talk briefly about a church nearby. Angio has a conversation about 16″ softball with a man next to him, and then the man talks about how the bar has a lot of regulars.

01:03:35Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and Angio is talking to the same man. Angio then talks to Rich a little, and they chat about taping. The tape cuts to the same man, Bob, and his friend, and they talk about politics, and some of the broadcasts from war zones. The camera continues to eavesdrop on conversations between customers. They get into a heated discussion about the war and the ground offensive. Two people play songs on the jukebox. A man approaches Angio to tell him that “capitalism is the best way to live.” The remainder of the tape watches the customers mingle and play a bowling game called “Tic Tac Strike.” The camera looks at the song choices on the jukebox before the tape ends.

01:31:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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