[The 90’s raw: El Salvador Demonstration, Bike camera]

Raw footage for the award-winning TV series, The 90's. Eddie Becker tapes a demonstration in front of the White House against US intervention in El Salvador.  He then bikes around near the Washington Monument, talking to various people.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a march against US intervention in El Salvador. Tape opens looking at people holding large banners, one with a painted face and a tagline that says, “Don’t weep for them, imitate them.” People march along a sidewalk, prevented from going in the street by police on motorcycles. Two men play a large drum and a recorder. Men carry large imitation coffins to represent those killed.

06:15Copy video clip URL A woman says we need to stop intervention in Central America, and let people “determine for themselves what kind of government [they want].” That is, we need to negotiate peace rather than impose democracy through the military. She says half a million dollars every day go to El Salvador.

09:03Copy video clip URL A group of high schoolers from Louisiana approve of the demonstration. An older man marching recounts time that he spent in El Salvador, and two older women are angry because they believe the government is lying: “Killing is not part of democracy… We deem it necessary to control any country that’s smaller than our country!” The other woman talks about the secrecy in the government.

14:57Copy video clip URL Shots of the march from across the street, with the Congress building in the background.

17:47Copy video clip URL People onstage sing a list of names to commemorate the dead.

20:27Copy video clip URL A priest speaks about prayer from all religions in the name of Salvadorans. A man introduces the blowing of a shofar, and the tape cuts to the blowing. The priest continues to lead the demonstration, and we hear segments of many speeches and good visuals of protest signs. “All of us can do something.” “We go today before Congress to make his [Romero’s] voice heard again… Stop the repression!” Musicians play on the steps of Congress, and people sing about freedom: “We shall be free someday.”

34:10Copy video clip URL The tapes cuts to the inside of the congressional building, where the demonstration continues. A man who spoke before is arrested, as people sing peacefully in the background. Several more people lying on the floor of Congress are handcuffed as the first man is dragged away. People sing “We shall overcome.” Becker talks about badge regulations to an officer, who has threatened to arrest people for clapping. People continue to be arrested because they are “participating in an illegal demonstration.” The officer approaches Becker and tells him not to move.

43:49Copy video clip URL The demonstration inside appears to be over, and we see visuals of the building.

44:49Copy video clip URL Shots through a kaleidoscope of people talking about amnesia, among other things, as Becker plays with the camera, looking at books and the TV, resulting in some really cool images that look like fractals.

49:41Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to outside in Washington D.C., near the Congress building and a carousel. Becker is on a bike, and attempts to tape as he rides. He rides up to the carousel and watches the children climb on and ride around. Becker then gets on the carousel with the next round of people.

01:06:21Copy video clip URL Becker walks around in the park (the Washington Monument in the distance), and talks to people who are walking past about their impressions of Washington.

01:08:40Copy video clip URL The president’s helicopter flies past the Washington Monument, and Becker zooms in on it as it lands.

01:09:43Copy video clip URL Footage of a stage (?) that is completely empty and fenced-off, but has a sign that says, “Take pride in America.” The camera pans to the nearby Washington Monument. The tape cuts to people in line at the Washington Monument. The high schoolers in line all want to be on tape, and Becker talks to a few groups, asking them why they want to be on TV.

01:18:51Copy video clip URL Back on the bike, Becker rides on the grass, and apparently there was a homemade kite contest that has just ended. A man talks to Becker about meaningless work, and he and Becker discuss the future, attitudes, secrets, education and politics. Their talk gets very philosophical about the misuse of knowledge.

01:32:32Copy video clip URL Becker puts his bike down, and gets excited about discussing the “information revolution.” The man compares society to the body, and discusses how he lived on an island on a river for 9 years. He recounts one time the river flooded, and rose almost to his house on the island. As they talk, there is footage of a kite being launched.

01:40:52Copy video clip URL A man throws a boomerang, and Becker gets back on his bike to talk to the man with the boomerang. The man throws it for the camera several times. The man says he works for the government, and introduces himself as Walter Zivikest (?). He briefly explains his technique for throwing into the wind, and how he got started with the boomerang. Becker gets back on his bike and rides away.

02:03:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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