[The 90’s raw : Joe Cummings reads the mail]

Tom Weinberg directs Joe Cummings who reads letters from fans of The 90's.

0:00Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings records a show IDs for The 90’s on Michigan Avenue encouraging viewers to write letters and tell The 90s crew what they think of the show.

03:13Copy video clip URL Videographer stops recording.

3:23Copy video clip URL Change of location. A drawing for Doug Michels’ Money Man Monument on the wall of Tom Weinberg’s office.

05:14Copy video clip URL Change of location. Back on Michigan Avenue, Weinberg and Cummings walk along the street towards a city parade welcoming home the troops from the Persian Gulf war. A huge American flag hangs from the Wrigley Building.

06:11Copy video clip URL Weinberg directs Cummings as he reads from The 90’s mail bag on the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Occasional audio signal interference. Various non-directional camera roll as they prepare for the shoot. Cummings reads fan letters.

10:16Copy video clip URL Cummings records a series of takes. “From New Hampshire, ‘Interesting and provocative. One of the most innovative on TV.’  ‘I love it, I love it. It’s like Sesame Street for grown ups. Intelligent forward thinking and positive. It’s nice to see positive role models on TV for a change’, from San Jose, California.” Cummings continues, “From Hawaii, ‘This is the first time we’ve written to a TV show, so we must feel strongly. The 90s is a refreshing respite from the usual menu of Hollywood fantasies and animal documentaries.’ From Florida, ‘I’ve given up on the public part of PBS, however, your show is refreshing even when I disagree.’ ‘Dear 90s, tells the truth what a refreshing change. It should be required watching for all school students.’ ‘I wish it was on earlier then 10 o’clock. It made me laugh and want to cry. It not often a TV show evokes such genuine emotion.'” Cummings adds, “Keep these letters coming!”

14:05Copy video clip URL Weinberg and Cummings discuss Cummings’ performance and prepare to record another take of Cummings reading all the letters. The videographer lets the camera roll without direction or focus.

18:29Copy video clip URL A woman in patriotic clothing tries to remove her daughter who has wandered into the video crew. Cummings records more takes. At times the audio is over modulated.

21:55Copy video clip URL The takes end. The videographer holds on a shot of the huge flag hanging from the Wrigley Building.

22:45Copy video clip URL Camera rolls on Cummings waiting to record another take. Weinberg directs him on how to read the next take. Cummings chats with parade-goers.

25:30Copy video clip URL Cummings reads another take, reads the fan letters. Weinberg interrupts and guides him to read slower. Cummings records more takes. The move to adjust for lighting. Cummings continues recording takes as Weinberg guides his performance.

30:30Copy video clip URL Cummings delivers a couple of good takes of his ending. The crew adjusts for lighting.They re-word the ending and Cummings records another take.

39:59Copy video clip URL END



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