[The 90’s raw: McDonald’s]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Eddie Becker, an unidentified man, and a nutritionist stand outside McDonald's interviewing people about their health concerns.

00:00Copy video clip URL Becker is taping footage of McDonald’s and a McDonald’s truck passes by, and his comrade comments on the unhealthiness: “As William Costella says, ‘When you see the golden arches, you’re on your way to the Pearly Gates.'”

01:04Copy video clip URL Inside the McDonald’s, they discuss the caloric count of the foods, and a nutritionist says that in some of the foods, more than 50 percent of the calories are from fat. Becker interviews a woman in line, who says she eats at McDonald’s once a week, and otherwise cooks for herself. Another man also says once a week, and is worried about the fat, but the food is cheap and quick.

04:36Copy video clip URL Outside the McDonald’s, they’ve bought a meal. The nutritionist says the fries get 47% of their calories from fat and the fish sandwich is 51%. The fat comes from the frying, tartar sauce, and cheese. If people eat it every day, they increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

07:54Copy video clip URL They interview people going into the McDonald’s about their frequency eating there, what they order, and if they are concerned with their health. Most are unconcerned with the health effects. One man has brought his own lunch inside.

11:38Copy video clip URL The woman displays the booklet with the nutritional content of the food in McDonald’s.

12:29Copy video clip URL Back to interviewing passersby, they talk to a Japanese woman, and she says they have McDonald’s in Osaka. She talks about food trends in Japan.

18:13Copy video clip URL More customers: A man bought a salad for his boss. A woman ate chicken, but says she counts calories. One young woman said she used to work at McDonald’s part-time and isn’t concerned about the fat: “Everything is quite lean.” She does acknowledge that children can become addicted to the food. The camera tapes a whole class of children inside.

24:52Copy video clip URL An older man thinks it is only important to “not overdo it,” and only eats there a couple times a month.

26:51Copy video clip URL The class of children, a day camp, exits McDonald’s, and Becker and company talk at length to the children. Many of them say they’d like to eat there every day. They are asked about cholesterol. Many of them eat at McDonald’s more than three times a week. One boy eats it ridiculously often, and is not concerned with his health. The kids and their leaders talk about addiction, and the immediate effects of the food.

39:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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