[The 90’s raw: Milly’s Orchid Show static camera #2]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. A continuation of footage of a live performance of "Milly's Orchid Show," a variety show at the Park West in Chicago, starring Brigid Murphy. Murphy emcee's the show in the character of Southern Belle Milly Mae Smithy for this live comedy / variety show. Murphy's Milly Mae character introduces the members of the band, then introduces comedian Cheryl Trykv, who performs as a self-obsessed coffee shop dweller. Murphy returns to sing a song, then the show ends. Shot with a mostly static camera.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens with Murphy singing the birthday song, and a cake with candles is brought out, and delivered it to a woman in the audience. Murphy then brings onstage Scotty Patrick and John Logan, gives them paintings of Milly, or possibly Madonna (?). She then thanks the two children and introduces the band, before telling an anecdote and introducing Cheryl Trykv.

04:45 Trykv comes onstage as a self-obsessed character in a small black dress with a boa, and performs a monologue about getting a cappuccino at a coffee shop as if she is reading from a catalog. The audience laughs a great deal.

16:13Copy video clip URL Murphy returns to close the show with her theme song. The tape cuts to the beginning of the country song: “I’m a sucker for a trucker.” She has background dancers dressed as truckers, and they all bow to the band. Then Murphy dances on one foot before singing again. The dancers pick up Murphy as the song ends, and carry her offstage while she thanks the crowd. The show ends, and we hear the audience milling around, but the screen is black. A dim light comes on onstage and we can see the backdrop before the tape ends.

24:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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