[Artists TV Lab Sampler for NY State Council on the Arts]

A compilation of video synthesizer works and documentary footage, including a reading by poet Ed Sanders, produced at the Artists TV Lab.

00:19Copy video clip URL Title screen: “A WCV/Arts Presentation” over abstract imagery created by a video synthesizer. The narrator (Gary Hill) introduces the tape: “This is a Woodstock Community Video/Artists TV Lab sampler, consisting of excerpts from tapes produced by first-time users and experienced video artists alike. On the 1st and 2nd of March, many got turned on to the video synthesizer, which was introduced in a Walter Wright workshop. Following are excerpts from that.” 

01:10Copy video clip URL A colorful image processing/video synthesizer work, scored by Frank Zappa’s “Waka/Jawaka.” A dancing figure is intermittently identifiable in the abstract images. 

04:15Copy video clip URL An abstract video made with a video synthesizer with wriggling patterns of color and shadow, scored by Steve Reich’s “Violin Phase.” 

06:15Copy video clip URL An abstract video made up of dripping, rippling lines, scored to Terry Riley’s “Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band.” 

09:18Copy video clip URL A reading by Ed Sanders (poet and writer, singer for The Fugs), at the Woodstock Public Library. As the audience laughs at his jokey title, Sanders reads the introduction to “The Collected Songs of Edward Sanders, 1961-1999, Volumes 1-7, [unintelligible] Edition, Oxford University Press, 2007”: “You are the person reading my writing. Yes, you. And now that I’ve supped your eyes upon my verses, I have a few private things to say. First, why are you alive you fucking punks? And why am I a few mucoid slime shreds in a poorly manufactured, overpriced 7-foot toolbox surrounded by cheap frays frayed ooze dissolved plastic fibered set?…”

12:03Copy video clip URL Marc Black Trio play “Unchain My Heart” at Joshua’s Cafe.

16:43Copy video clip URL Another abstract video, a mandala-like circular rotating pattern. Scored by “North Star” by Oregon. While the music continues, the image follows a series of circle-oriented or spoke like patterns, in both black and white and color. 

20:02Copy video clip URL “Some local Woodstock personalities”: An elderly couple discuss how life in the area has changed over the years. 

22:42Copy video clip URL Two young children mug for the camera and watch themselves in the monitor. “I can see me waving the stick!”

23:22Copy video clip URL A bearded man talks about familial difficulties from his teen years and his history of drug and alcohol abuse. 

25:24Copy video clip URL A conversation between two men about land development. 

29:08Copy video clip URL A video abstracting what appears to be the sun reflecting over water. 

31:10Copy video clip URL Onscreen end credits: “A production of the Artists TV Lab. Partially supported by The New York State Council on the Arts.” 



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