[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #53]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season." This tape features a continuation of footage of the Chicago Department of Human Services senior citizens of the year selection committee, then footage at Miller's Pub.

00:05Copy video clip URL Open to committee in action. Going through applicants.

2:08Copy video clip URL Interview with woman at DHS who describes the Senior Citizen Hall of Fame and Veeck’s contributions. Seniors are given a gold pin when they enter the Hall.

4:22Copy video clip URL Phone rings and woman being interviewed becomes aggravated that it isn’t picked up. Same woman eschews a question about her opinion that Veeck should be inducted to the Hall.

6:47Copy video clip URL Woman describes Veeck’s son, Greg, who used to “run on his toes.”

7:28Copy video clip URL Interviewer Tom Weinberg asks woman about Mary Frances, Veeck’s wife. Woman says, “Mary Frances is a lot of fun. They go together well.”

8:57Copy video clip URL Cut to woman, first interviewed, on typewriter. A new interview starts with Maureen Shields. Relates story about Veeck’s memory and speaking with a young handicapped man (Kyle Thomas). “I feel happy to have met him.”

11:36Copy video clip URL Kyle Thomas interviewed and tells the same story as Maureen.

13:10Copy video clip URL Color bars.

13:50Copy video clip URL Veeck at a Miller’s Pub. “I don’t want to get a bad reputation drinking two of these in front of you at the same time.”

15:28Copy video clip URL Weinberg has a theory: “There is a relationship between running a good saloon/restaurant/bar/being a good host and running a good ball club.” Veeck: “I have always operated under the theory that your fans should be treated like your friends…as if they were in your home. In reality they are guests with one exception–the ballpark belongs to them.” You need to provide clean toilets, good food at a reasonable price, ushers, comfortable seats, etc. “It’s a question of good manners. Courtesy.”

18:29Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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