[Archival reel for View from the Bleachers]

This tape contains a series of baseball-related clips from newsreels, followed by close-ups of baseball cards. Much of the newsreel footage is choppy or has no sound.

00:11Copy video clip URL Pete Gray newsreel footage. Good quality, with sound.

01:42Copy video clip URL Here follows assorted, choppy clips of newsreels without sound.

10:19Copy video clip URL A newsreel showing the Yankees winning the 1952 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Good quality, with sound. Footage of Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Casey Stengel.

12:08Copy video clip URL More rough newsreel footage with spotty sound.

13:36Copy video clip URL A newsreel about Connie Mack, after his death. Good quality, with sound.

14:36Copy video clip URL Baseball card clips begin. Timecode covers some of the names. Some empty footage between stills.

24:28Copy video clip URL A shot of the title card for “A View From the Bleachers with Bill Veeck.” No sound. More baseball card clips.

32:46Copy video clip URL Shot of the cover of the book “The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court.” More baseball clip cards. Still of News Media Identification cards.

41:56Copy video clip URL Baseball footage. Royals vs. Yankees.

42:37Copy video clip URL Baseball bloopers.

44:48Copy video clip URL Defensive highlights.

46:21Copy video clip URL Mike Schmidt offensive highlights.

46:49Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

47:42Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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