[White Sox ’76 spring training in Sarasota raw]

Raw footage of the White Sox at spring training in Sarasota, Florida in 1976.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shot of a poolside in Sarasota, FL. Cut jump to camera operator’s materials and reel of tape, then back to the poolside. Camera operator Skip Blumberg narrates the date, “It’s Sunday, March 21.”

0:32Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg retrieves a newspaper from his hotel room.

01:12Copy video clip URL White Sox players prepare for practice in the locker room.

01:47Copy video clip URL Batting cage practice. Coaches stand behind an automated mechanic arm that slings fastballs toward batters at the other end of a netted area. Various players are shown practicing.

03:53Copy video clip URL Players are shown stretching on a large, flat grassy lawn. Some players are less conducive to stretching, so other players help guide them in how to stretch. Witty, sardonic comments are told back and forth among three players as they warm up their bodies for Spring training and to each other. Weinberg speaks to one player about their reason for filming Spring training and what they want to capture with the players.

09:17Copy video clip URL Two players, Pat Kelly and Bucky Dent, who were stretching before now perform witty banter before the camera. Directed by Weinberg, the players describe their offseason preparations for opening day in April. They joke about new uniforms and styles. Discussion turns to aspirations about the upcoming season, the White Sox’s potential as a baseball club, and change in ownership. They seem enthusiastic and optimistic about Bill Veeck’s leadership and his ability to draw a larger fan base.

14:01Copy video clip URL The players warm-up on a practice field.

16:00Copy video clip URL Rich Gossage receives a thrown ball, dashes through a base for warm up and approaches the camera. Multiple takes of Gossage are shot as Gossage is directed about his camera presentation and on the catchphrase “We’ll see you in Comiskey park on April 9th.”

18:22Copy video clip URL Third base exercises.

23:43Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg and Weinberg capture a player saying the catchphrase in Spanish.

24:33Copy video clip URL More rounds in the batting cages.

25:33Copy video clip URL Bucky Dent addresses the camera again.

27:02Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg steps out from behind the camera. He is wearing a White Sox batting helmet that hardly corrals his billowing hair, addressing the camera as if he were a player.

27:39Copy video clip URL White Sox catchers are shown warming up.

28:56Copy video clip URL Brian Downing is approached by the camera to say the promotional catchphrase.

31:17Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg juggles baseballs.

31:43Copy video clip URL Batting cage drills.

32:15Copy video clip URL Kent Sylvester, a new coach for the White Sox, approaches the camera and says his line of the catchphrase.

32:41Copy video clip URL Carlos May performs his own promotional shot. Blumberg and Weinberg use the opportunity to gain insight into May as a person and for May to be more candid about his life in the big league.

35:26Copy video clip URL Batting practice outside on the field.

36:49Copy video clip URL Dent is interviewed once more.

37:41Copy video clip URL Orestes “Minnie” Miñoso–the first black Cuban player in the major leagues and the first black player in White Sox history–is interviewed in the dugout during a practice game. He will serve as first base coach for the year.

40:04Copy video clip URL Miñoso talks with Ralph Garr outside the dugout, coaching him through the promotional address. Garr gives the promotional catchphrase to the camera.

41:39Copy video clip URL Spring game begins. Footage focuses on Garr warming up on deck.

43:20Copy video clip URL Garr steps up to bat. Weinberg gets the camera in position in anticipation of Garr rounding third base for home plate. Multiple shots taken waiting for the right play to send Garr around the base.

46:55Copy video clip URL Weinber finds the “perfect shot” in anticipation of Garr rounding third base. Garr takes a lead out from the base as the player at bat steps up. The thundering crack of the bat sounds, Garr digs in and accelerates toward third, but the ball is a fly out and Garr stops his stride before reaching the base.

47:21Copy video clip URL Shots of Garr fielding plays at center field.

42:51Copy video clip URL Kevin Bell at third base. Camera waits for Garr to come up to bat.

49:55Copy video clip URL Garr is on deck and steps up to bat. Garr hits the ball but it’s caught and he is out.

51:12Copy video clip URL Scenes from the spectator bleachers. Kids are playing catch in the parking lot.

52:34Copy video clip URL Garr steps up to bat again. Garr grounds out at first.

53:43Copy video clip URL Camera goes back into the bleachers and pans around the crowd of spectators. Bill Veeck is in the stands.

56:13Copy video clip URL Garr comes up to bat. Garr swings and loses control of his bat and it flings out to right field. Garr makes contact with the ball, but is out once more and the inning ends. Roland Hemond, then general manager for the White Sox, talks in the stands about the upcoming year, promising new players, and prospects of the White Sox among other contenders in the league.


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