Out of Context: Sculptor Domenico Facci, Ski Jumping, Free Store

An edition of "Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock" featuring segments about sculptor Domenico Facci at work, a local ski jump competition, and the efforts of Woodstock's community to keep a Free Store open.

00:10Copy video clip URL “WCV” logo. 

00:41Copy video clip URL In a park, a man bangs on a cowbell with a drumstick. People slowly gather as a shirtless men play drums and guitar.

01:47Copy video clip URL Onscreen sign: “WCV. Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock.” Narrator introduces the show: “a presentation made possible by a grant to People’s Video Theater by the New York State Council on the Arts.”

02:10Copy video clip URL Sculptor Domenico Facci working in his studio on a clay bust of painter Elias Newman, January 1971, while Newman sits for him. (The narrator refers to the sculptor as “Domenic Facci.”) The footage is accompanied by a recording of Bach’s “Partita No. 4 in D.” When the bust is finished, an audience is revealed in the studio, applauding. 

04:41Copy video clip URL “WCV” logo, followed by footage of a snow-covered parking lot. The narrator introduces the “Rosendale Ski Competition. Sunday Feb 6, 1972. With commentary by [actor] Dean Shambach.” The camera pans and zooms out to reveal a ski course. Shambach narrates: “It’s a young hill. Not tested. Not fully tried or fully realized. Someday when the hill is in really perfect condition, jumps of 250 feet or more will be realized here…”

05:57Copy video clip URL Shambach continues: “The hill today is very fast but the take-off for some reason is not in the correct position. And most of the men are a little bit psyched out by it. There’s a lot of tension here…” He describes difficulties for the ski jumpers. 

06:36Copy video clip URL Shambach briefly appears on camera praising the course. Skiers jump the hill while onlookers cheer. “Whoa! Look at that guy go!” One jumper falls and is carried off the course. The competition continues while the sounds of ambulance sirens can be heard. Shambach jumps and lands successfully. 

12:10Copy video clip URL Announcement of the winners, including Shambach, and the presentation of trophies. 

17:18Copy video clip URL Image of sign: “Help! Free store will close in 3 days! Unless… you can help. Call family: 679-2485.” The narrator discusses the situation. 

17:57Copy video clip URL A woman is interviewed, asserting the importance of the Free Store for the community and the need for people to support it. 

19:03Copy video clip URL Another woman is interviewed. “The Free Store’s a sharing thing. It’s a way for everyone to share with each other. Everyone who brings things also takes things. It’s an example of how recycling works just perfectly…” 

19:28Copy video clip URL A man explains that they would like to convince the bank that owns the building of the Free Store’s value to the community. 

21:12Copy video clip URL Another man talks about the ongoing economic depression and the utility of the Free Store for getting people winter clothes and books, as well as supplies for mothers who would otherwise have to travel to find what they needed. 

22:52Copy video clip URL A young mother tells the interviewer that everything her infant has ever worn came from the Free Store. She talks about the surprising generosity of the bank in allowing the Free Store to operate in teh first place, but the precarity and power imbalance of the bank being able to withdraw that support at any moment. 

22:28Copy video clip URL Another man talks about the importance of the Free Store to the community: “It isn’t just a community for bankers. It’s a community for everybody who lives here.”

25:13Copy video clip URL The first woman returns to discuss the meetings held between the Free Store and the bank. The bank gave the Free Store a five-month extension, until May 1, and has offered the Woodstock community the building itself to be torn down for materials or moved to another location. 

26:32Copy video clip URL In the Free Store, an elderly man sings a celebratory song. A small audience applauds. An audience member raises concerns about a community member whose house had burned down. A discussion of Kingston Cablevision and local television programming. The narrator returns to share that the tape being made of the current forum will be used for a test at Cablevision the following day. Marching band music succeeds the narration as the discussion continues. 



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