Woodstock Community Video Magazine

A video magazine about the community in Woodstock, covering a police/fire dispatch office, a church fair, and a recycling drive.

00:17Copy video clip URL Over a Channel 6 Kingston Cablevision logo the narrator introduces the program: “We think we’ve got our technical problems licked. You may hear a humming in the background, that’s our new air conditioner.” The address of WCV is shown onscreen: “Woodstock Community Video, 35 Old Wagon Rd, 9-2952, CHANNEL 6.” 

00:59Copy video clip URL The narrator speaks over a montage of footage representing the program’s contents: a performance by the rock band Snow taped by the Videofreex, a police officer, a crafts fair, the League of Women Voters’ recycling drive, Charles Cross of the Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club, John Simon’s interview with Dave Mason, and an abortion panel held at Roundout Valley High School. 

02:00Copy video clip URL The police dispatch office, in which administrators and a police officer describe the functions and logistics of the office as an operator speaks on the phone transferring calls to the appropriate department. Interview conducted by Elaine Milosh. 

07:37Copy video clip URL Inside the town justice court, Milosh interviews a police officer about the workings of the court. He also describes the daily tasks of a police officer and details the various trainings undergone by members of the police department. Talk about parking policy. 

16:18Copy video clip URL The Christ’s Lutheran Church’s annual fair on June 24, covered by Mike Grittman. Grittman speaks with church member Peggy Johnson about the history of the annual fair and about the crafts and plans for that year’s fair. 

18:55Copy video clip URL A church councilwoman talks about the congregation and about the food for the event. 

20:38Copy video clip URL Norman Krabbe, the former pastor, talks about the history of the church going back to the late 18th century. 

23:25Copy video clip URL The White Elephant shop, where people exchange items they no longer need. 

26:13Copy video clip URL The Onteora Lions Club and the League of Women Voters’ recycling drive on June 24. The interviewer discusses with participants about the event and about possibilities for future recycling. 

30:28Copy video clip URL Woodstock Community Video address card. The narrator makes announcements about activities for senior citizens, nursing education, a complaint phone. He then announces that the program will need to change reels and signs off. The tape ends. 



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