Woodstock Tonight

A cable variety show featuring conversations, comedy skits, and musical performances, followed by experimentation with video effects.

00:03Copy video clip URL A group of young people, led by host Debby Franke, introduce the participants in the program – musicians and comedians. 

01:16Copy video clip URL “Poet’s Roundtable” – a joke interview with a poet (John Eskow) who writes about hamburgers.  

04:56Copy video clip URL Discussion of the skit and on the comedians’ history. Introducing the next skit, an improvisation about a seance. 

10:27Copy video clip URL “Challenges and Issues”: an interview with a medium. 

19:25Copy video clip URL Discussion of the skit and a song performed by a folk musician

22:33Copy video clip URL A close-up of an eye, with video effects. No soundtrack. 



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