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  • Studs’ Place: Shakespeare

    Studs’ Place: Shakespeare

    “Shakespeare,” an episode of “Studs’ Place,” revolves around an old theatre actor named Mr. Lord who is planning to have dinner with an ex-pupil at the restaurant. The ex-pupil, David Frome, is now a famous movie actor, and is now too important to see his old mentor. Meanwhile Nancy, a high school student with dreams of becoming an actress, hopes to meet Frome, but is disheartened by his disregard for others, and ends up connecting with Lord instead. Also features musical performances by Chet and Win. Continue reading

  • “Thanksgiving, 1933. That was the year that devil’s brew touched my lips.” —Studs Terkel

    “Thanksgiving, 1933. That was the year that devil’s brew touched my lips.” —Studs Terkel

    This Thanksgiving, we’re sharing with you a classic from the archive. In this video from 1990, Studs Terkel recalls the end of prohibition and his first taste of alcohol when his mother, the operator of a men’s hotel at Wells and Grand, shared a bottle of whiskey with the patrons to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We have the world’s largest collection of videos featuring Studs Terkel, and you can watch them all for free on our website.

  • Love Wins: Studs Terkel celebrates a remarkable family

    Love Wins: Studs Terkel celebrates a remarkable family

    Today, nation-wide marriage equality was achieved through a historic decision by the US Supreme Court. The ruling is the culmination of decades of activism, and is an important moment for human rights, especially for the couples and families directly affected all across the country. In celebration, we’d like to share this video of Studs telling the story of two women who fell in love under almost unbelievable circumstances.

  • Studs on May Day: “These four guys were hanged for you!”

    Studs on May Day: “These four guys were hanged for you!”

    May Day likely originated as a pagan celebration of spring, but it’s probably better known today as International Workers’ Day. Although not officially recognized by the US government, which favors a Labor Day in September, May Day’s labor connotations actually have their roots in Chicago’s history, as Studs explains in this video. May Day was officially selected as International Workers’ Day in 1889 by the Second International, an organization of socialist and labor parties in Paris, in memory of Chicago’s … Continue reading

  • Chicago Politics: A Theatre Of Power

    Chicago Politics: A Theatre Of Power

    Collection of revealing scenes of various Chicago politicians. The film focuses mainly on mayors and mayoral candidates of the 1980s including Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Edward “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, and Thomas Hynes. In true Chicago style, the looming presence of long-time, now late, mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley makes an appearance. Includes some invaluable footage, especially of when Harold Washington’s many speeches. Particularly revealing are scenes of racial upheaval during the time surrounding Harold Washington’s election and mayorship. Continue reading

  • Remembering Andrew Patner

    Remembering Andrew Patner

    Andrew Patner died suddenly last Tuesday, February 3. He was 55.Andrew had become an old-style Chicago icon, a 21st century version of his dear friend and mentor, Studs Terkel. In this video, produced at the University of Chicago during an Alumni Association event, we get a glimpse of Andrew and Studs together in 2004. After Studs died, Andrew thought it was important that this video be part of Media Burn’s permanent Terkel collection, saying, “It is one of the only … Continue reading

  • Studs Tells Why It’s “Labor Day”

    Studs Tells Why It’s “Labor Day”

    For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer, the beginning of a new football season, and a new school year. For others, though, it’s a powerful day of solidarity and remembrance. In this video, edited together from several sources over the years, Studs tells a story about a confrontation he had with a well-to-do couple that claimed to loathe labor unions. It’s an entertaining story he clearly relishes, but it also touches on the history of labor in the … Continue reading

  • Studs Terkel: The Birth of the Old Town School of Folk Music

    Studs Terkel: The Birth of the Old Town School of Folk Music

    In this 2004 video, Chicago’s one-and-only Studs Terkel talks about the early years of the Old Town School of Folk Music, and his involvement in that history through his friend of many years, Win Stracke, one of the founders of the school. He also discusses the personal and political power of song, Big Bill Broonzy, The Weavers, and much more. Interview by Mark Dvorak, camera and editing by Bob Medich. Continue reading