[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 65; Student Mural]


This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Kartemquin Films' Jerry Blumenthal visits a classroom where a number of students along with two instructors are painting a mural to be hung outside their school. The tape contains shots of the mural's panels as well as casual conversation between the students in their late teens.

0:19Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of the studio classroom; one of the instructors explains to Jerry Blumenthal how she’s newly retired and very relieved.

1:36Copy video clip URL Shots of the mural panels.

3:34Copy video clip URL One of the instructors plays around with the horn they have in the classroom to the amusement of the students.

4:33Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of the students and their instructor. They talk about a vegetarian buffet, AP courses, college, and summer jobs.

10:45Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of the mural panels.

12:58Copy video clip URL Shots of the messy classroom and the retired instructor.



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