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  • Dennis Hull #2

    Dennis Hull #2

    In this part of an interview with hockey great Dennis Hull, Hull recounts the decisions that led him to his career in the NHL. He also gives insight into the mindset of a hockey player, discussing the importance of faith in oneself and the fact that winning the Stanley Cup, not one’s salary, is of the most paramount importance.

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #16]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #16]

    Raw footage for “Inside Spring Training.” This tape features footage of Bill Veeck and his White Sox management colleagues in a hotel room in Sarasota, Florida during a bout of rainy weather at spring training. Motel Fever #3.

  • [Bill Veeck interviews Frank Cashen]

    [Bill Veeck interviews Frank Cashen]

    Raw footage of an interview between Bill Veeck and N.Y. Mets General Manager Frank Cashen. The two talk about the financial woes in the MLB. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers With Bill Veeck.

  • Once A Star #2

    Once A Star #2

    The second of two hour-long programs profiling former professional athletes. The show focuses on these athletes’ lives after retiring from sports, with archival footage sprinkled throughout. We get an in-depth look at these personalities, while also indirectly getting a sense of the difference between professional sports of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s versus today: virtually all of the athletes work for a living. This program includes segments on Former Chicago Bears Doug Atkins and Bill Wade;  pioneer female jockey Robyn Smith; hockey’s Dennis and Bobby Hull; pool hustler and oddball raconteur Minnesota Fats; baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn; and former world heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson.

  • [Archival reel for View from the Bleachers]

    [Archival reel for View from the Bleachers]

    This tape contains a series of baseball-related clips from newsreels, followed by close-ups of baseball cards. Much of the newsreel footage is choppy or has no sound.

  • Veeck Commentaries, Reel 3.

    Veeck Commentaries, Reel 3.

    Footage of Veeck in different locations talking about various topics, several interviews, music for Veeck specials, and multiple takes of narrator voiceovers. Reel 3.

  • Cubs game

    Playoffs game #3

  • Cubs 1929,32,38,45

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