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  • [Degerberg Dub]

    0:05 Montage of various people practicing kickboxing and other martial arts, as well as aerobics and jump-rope. 1:05 Video ends.

  • [Bo Diddley Interview 3/16/06 Tape #2]

    0:00-0:14 Diddley’s voice is head over bars. 0:30 Interviewers Ranstrom, speaking off-site via phone, asks Diddley to repeat an earlier answer about learning from Muddy Waters. Diddley does so, talking about the importance of being a student and also a teacher to others. He says that while Muddy Waters was “writing the hits,” he was studying classical music. He claims to be more of a showman than a guitar player, and identifies this as the secret of his appeal. 2:55 … Continue reading

  • [Bo Diddley interview 3/16/06]

    0:45 Off-camera interviewer Phil Ranstrom asks Diddley about Maxwell Street. Diddley says he was last there “six or seven years ago,” and that it was then that he noticed a dramatic change. He says that, during its heyday, he would go as much for the hot dogs available at the stands as for the opportunity to play. He laments the disappearance of the Maxwell Street scene, and hopes that Mayor Daley would designate another spot in the city for a … Continue reading

  • [Phil “Rockin” Ranstrom, Highlight Tape, St Viator’s Gym, 2/17/90]

    0:46 Slate 1:07 Highlights of a kickboxing match between Phil Ranstrom and an unnamed opponent.  5:30 Ranstrom is announced as the winner of the match. 6:50 Video ends

  • Let’s Have Lunch

    Let’s Have Lunch

    A sketch comedy program. Continue reading

  • Ron Rivera & Adam

    Ron Rivera & Adam

    PSA for the Aplastic Anemia Foundation, featuring Bears linebacker Ron Rivera and a young boy named Adam. Continue reading

  • [You Bet Your Baby]

    [You Bet Your Baby]

    Mock game show designed to educate women about pre-natal care. Continue reading

  • [Xylitol promo]

    [Xylitol promo]

    Industrial video promoting artificial sweetener xylitol. Continue reading