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  • Dovie Thurman, A Conversation with Studs Terkel

    Dovie Thurman, A Conversation with Studs Terkel

    Dovie Thurman, community organizer & the “heart” of Uptown speaks with Studs Terkel about her work as a civil rights and welfare rights activist in a North Side Chicago neighborhood. Produced just one month before Thurman died of heart failure on April 7, 1997, Thurman retells her struggle against racist and classist powers, her meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and how she found redemption as a Christian preacher.

  • [Direct Effect PSAs 1-2-3]

    Politically correct PSAs.

  • Image Union, episode 0814

    Image Union, episode 0814

    Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Disarmament Survey. In the spring of 1982, 300 independent videomakers around the world produced a public opinion poll. People were interviewed on the street about their opinions on the nuclear arms race and disarmament. Responses were polarized.

  • Crossfire

    Documentary about two Chicago “repo men.” They discuss their experiences as well as shed light on the way the system of credit affects the average consumer.

  • Rolling stock

    0:00 Shots of plant life.

  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    An episode of the show “Common Ground,” hosted by Warner Saunders with guest Studs Terkel. They discuss social issues, pitting Terkel’s optimism against Saunders’ realism.

  • [Dub of smoking and drinking show]

    0:00 Black.

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