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  • Edmund’s Island

    Edmund’s Island

  • Anna’s Story

    Anna’s Story

    Carol Marin special report on life on the streets of Uptown, focused on a woman named Anna Ronkowski, who spent 24 years living on the streets, beginning as a child runaway, experiencing prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, and rape, before getting clean at age 39.

  • [Homeless kids in Chicago]

    [Homeless kids in Chicago]

    This news segment reports on the homelessness problem among youth and families in the city of Chicago.

  • Up There, Down Here

    Up There, Down Here

    A short documentary about a community of unhoused men that live together underneath a bridge.

  • [Chicago Slices raw : Bridges #2 – Inspiration Cafe #2]

    [Chicago Slices raw : Bridges #2 – Inspiration Cafe #2]

    Raw footage for the TV series Chicago Slices. This tape features a continuation of footage on how they raise and lower the bridges over the Chicago River, then a segment at Uptown’s Inspiration Cafe.

  • [The 90s Election Specials raw: Mobile clinic, Left Business Observer]

    [The 90s Election Specials raw: Mobile clinic, Left Business Observer]

    Raw footage for The 90’s election specials. Vdeomaker Laura Flanders visits a mobile health clinic for low income people in New York and speaks with a few representatives from the Left Business Observer, a newsletter on economics and politics.

  • Say So

    Rough cut/crude edit of the talk show Say So, Test #6. Guests include Anne Keegan, Joe Cummings, and Lee Glazer. Topics include increasing homeless population; crime in the city; cost of education vs. cost of keeping someone in prison; changing the conditions that breed crime in housing projects; and lack of leaders/leadership in Chicago. Interspersed in the discussion are clips from movies, TV shows, and newsreels that highlight a particular point of discussion. Clips include: the John Belushi film Continental Divide, an un-credited documentary, and a 1955 newsreel featuring Mayor Richard J. Daley giving a speech about public housing. Quotes include:

  • [Direct Effect 3]

    Politically correct PSAs.

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