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  • [Louis Farrakhan / Ernest Withers]

    [Louis Farrakhan / Ernest Withers]

    0:08 Camera opens on a man finishing a speech at a church. The congregation applauds him. 1:05 Louis Farrakhan speaks about having a black mayor in Chicago after leading a prayer. He talks about representation in politics. He moves to discuss leaders that have been killed including JFK and Malcolm X. He talks about Harold Washington and Christianity. He mentions a controversial exhibit at the Art Institute. He tells of stories about Jesus Christ and the political problems of his … Continue reading

  • [Klan Rally Springfield IL, 1994]

    [Klan Rally Springfield IL, 1994]

    0:06 Camera opens on a man talking to the press about allowances and access. He talks about an upcoming Klan rally, the logistics of it happening, and security restrictions.  4:16 Cut to outside the building. People set up camera and audio equipment. Rally can be heard in the background.  6:22 Cut to silent shots of a building and people walking. Camera approaches a group protesting the KKK rally.   8:16 Audio returns. Footage of the anti-Klan protestors. Footage of one of … Continue reading

  • [Michael “Mixxin” Moore]

    [Michael “Mixxin” Moore]

    Tape is black until 1:47. Selects from raw footage of hip hop pioneer Michael “Mixxin” Moore, both at home and at his radio station. He speaks about hip hop – “Hip hop is a culture, a way of life. Rap is the music of hip hop.” He talks about his radio show and the way it encompasses all the elements of hip hop: “The music is a lure… and then you hear the message… and before you know it, you like what you hear and you wanna hear more.” He also defends Louis Farrakhan’s controversial statements. Continue reading