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  • Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) Community Meeting with Terry Gabinski

    Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) Community Meeting with Terry Gabinski

    This video was recorded in Uptown, Chicago. It was a victory for the O.N.E’s Community Task Force to have the District Police Commander Terry Gabinski, come to a community meeting. Everyone from the community had an opportunity to voice their concerns on empty lots, vacant burnt-out buildings and crime in their neighbourhood.

  • Reality: Family, Community, The Truce

    Reality: Family, Community, The Truce

    This video presents a variety of interviews and musical performances on the subject of gangs and gang violence. The primary topic is the truce between Black and Latinx gangs in the Oakwood area of the neighborhood of Venice in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 1994.

    The people in the video include gang members, former gang members, and members of Los Angeles communities most affected by gangs. Speakers discuss the root causes of gangs, including disinvestment and lack of economic opportunity in Black and Latinx neighborhoods.

    Produced through the Imperial Courts Cap Video Workshop, 1994.

  • Watts Up?

    Watts Up?

    A special 25-minute documentary produced by leaders of the Watts gang truce between the Crips and Bloods. Nancy Buchanan and Michael Zinzun ran a video production class at Watts Arts Tower to teach these residents how to shoot and edit video, and then they produced this documentary that reviewed the impact of the gang truce after it had been in effect for one year.

  • [Message to the Grassroots raw: Bernice McDaniels interview]

    [Message to the Grassroots raw: Bernice McDaniels interview]

    Field footage shot by Michael Zinzun with Nancy Buchanan assistance in Kings Villages, Pasadena, CA. Zinzun explores broken promises for resident ownership, issues with management, and unprovoked evictions. He speaks with residents who depend on Section 8 assistance.

  • LeClaire Courts

  • Ben Loves Chicago 9703

    Ben Loves Chicago 9703

    In Ben Loves Chicago, which ran for three years on Chicago network WPWR, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat, niche, parts of “Chicagoland”. This week he visits: a football game, the Rainforest Cafe, LeClaire Courts housing project, and a series of art studios.

  • Newshour: CHA—Ida B. Wells

    Newshour: CHA—Ida B. Wells

    A segment detailing the new public housing renewal program in Chicago. Touches upon its benefits, and the problems it poses for illegal residents of the Chicago Housing Authority.

  • Newshour: Chicago Public Housing Falls

    Newshour: Chicago Public Housing Falls

    Report on the demolition of public housing high rises around the city of Chicago, the effects of the project on public housing residents, and the city’s plans for mixed-income housing.

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