[Flannery Apartments interviews: Sam Britton and Willie Willen]

High school students interview two residents of the Flannery Apartments, Chicago Housing Authority's buildings for seniors.

00:02Copy video clip URL Family photographs. Sam Britton, an elderly African-American man, talks about not having been in New Orleans for about 40 years. Camera/audio set-up.

00:16Copy video clip URL A young woman interviews an elderly man. He talks about being born in Mississippi and moving to New Orleans. He talks about his family. 

02:07Copy video clip URL Moving to Chicago at least 40 years earlier. Driving trucks and other jobs. 

03:52Copy video clip URL Living in the Flannery Apartments for the past two years. “I love it! Nice and quiet.” Other places he’s lived in Chicago. 

05:20Copy video clip URL Working as a barber. Having trouble with drugg dealers and addicts at his previous home in Old Town. 

07:50Copy video clip URL Not going to school for long but learning to read and write. Learning trades like cutting hair by experience. 

09:10Copy video clip URL Family photographs. 

09:24Copy video clip URL Britton’s wife – though he may not have been officially married. “In a way of speaking, when I said my wife was married, I wasn’t. My wife did as I said but I do as I please.” He had a wife and two kids. His brother has thirteen kids. 

10:52Copy video clip URL An interview with Willie Willen, an elderly African-American man, who has been living in the Flannery Apartments since 1975. When asked if he’s married he responds: “Well I had been, but she put me down.” When asked about kids he says, “She says I’ve got eight.” 

11:58Copy video clip URL Living in Chicago since 1949 after growing up in Shelby, Mississippi. Previously living at 1121 N. Larrabee, part of Cabrini Green, for 17 years. Moving after his wife left him.

12:47Copy video clip URL Jobs he’s worked and his education.

13:15Copy video clip URL Another interviewer, a young man named Steve, takes over. He asks Willen about the jobs he worked in Mississippi. “Driving tractors and trucks,” he says. “That’s all?” “That’s all I had to do, for 14 years.” Willen talks about living in the Flannery Apartments and about his family. 

14:30Copy video clip URL Spending his time shooting pool and playing cards. Having previously worked in the building cleaning. 

15:02Copy video clip URL Another interviewer, a young woman, talks with Willen about his previous residences. Having problems with theft and other crime, which haven’t been problems in Flannery. How he spends his days there and what it’s like living in Flannery. 

16:45Copy video clip URL His former job, at 27th and Racine, where he worked until he retired in 1960. He misses working, he says. He talks about his sons. 

18:20Copy video clip URL Filming around Willen’s apartment. 



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