Abortion: Right to Life vs Right to Choose Part 2

Part Two of a live broadcast from WCET-TV in Cincinnati covering the anti-abortion movement after a national "Right to Life" rally was held in the city.

00:01Copy video clip URL Marie Torre introduces “Portrait: The Millers,” a segment profiling Carol Miller and her family, who are against abortion, at a Right to Life convention. 

02:11Copy video clip URL “Portrait: The Gettys”: a segment profiling pro-choice Sue Gettys and her friends and family. Gettys speaks with her neighbor about their feelings on abortion. 

04:52Copy video clip URL Torre introduces a segment by reporter and Catholic priest Joe Fenton on the Catholic church’s involvement in the Right to Life movement. Fenton speaks with Father Edward Bryce of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, William Hughes, a Bishop from Covington Kentucky, attorney Rhonda Copelon of the Center for Congressional Rights, and Father Joseph O’Rourke of Catholics for a Free Choice about the church’s anti-abortion activities and its efforts supporting the movement in spite of differences of opinion among its members. 

08:44Copy video clip URL Daniel Schorr introduces National Public Radio’s David Ensor, who reports on the abortion debate’s impact on presidential politics: “Abortion’s not a comfortable issue for politicians. It’s difficult to find middle ground and yet the passion of both sides requires that candidates for president take a stand, and doing so means losing votes from one side or the other.” Ensor discusses Jimmy Carter’s response. 

10:26Copy video clip URL Schorr discusses the tactics of anti-abortion activists, introducing a segment about a confrontation at the Margaret Sanger Center in Cincinnati. 

13:35Copy video clip URL Schorr introduces a conversation about violence in the anti-abortion moment with Bill Baird, who owned an abortion clinic that was attacked and burned down by protesters, and Paul Brown, director of the Life Amendment Political Action Committee. Brown asserts that he is against violence and violence against property. Baird discusses the recent firebombing of his clinic and issues a warning that further attacks will not be tolerated. 

16:43Copy video clip URL Torre introduces further segments about the Gettys and the Millers. Sue Gettys attends a pro-choice rally in Cincinnati. Carol Miller attends an anti-abortion rally. At the pro-choice rally a banner is held up reading “End Violence Against Abortion Clinics. Abortion Is a Woman’s Right. Bill Baird Center.” The Millers and the Gettys discuss their views. 

19:58Copy video clip URL An in-studio discussion between Gettys and Miller. Gettys celebrates the diversity of opinion and freedom to choose while Miller reiterates her anti-abortion stance: “Are babies being given the right to choose? Are they being considered?”

22:56Copy video clip URL Offering some final thoughts, Schorr laments the depths of polarization on this issue and the increasing power one single issue like abortion can hold over the electoral process. Torre questions the motives of some involved in the debate and offers viewers the opportunity to write to Public Interest Video Network with their opinions on the program. She bids the viewers “good evening.” 

24:47Copy video clip URL Credits over folk songs about reproductive rights. 

26:46Copy video clip URL PBS logo. 

27:00Copy video clip URL A promo for the upcoming program In Concert with Sarah Vaughan, described as “an hour of sassy music.” 




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