Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn's life and eye problems.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Celeste Neuhaus and Al Kohn in a car to see the eye doctor. 

04:16Copy video clip URL In the elevator of the building, they talk about Celeste and her boyfriend. 

05:04Copy video clip URL Al waits to be seen by the eye doctor with Celeste and their friend, Ron. They talk about his working at the track.

10:28Copy video clip URL Al is taken to another office to run some tests. Ron tells the doctor about Al’s eyes. 

16:17Copy video clip URL Al has new glasses on that make his sight better. Ron explains that Ben and Al’s stuff always got mixed up, so he may have been wearing Ben’s glasses this whole time.

17:46Copy video clip URL They take Al back to the waiting room. They talk about his eating and Celeste’s schoolwork.

27:54Copy video clip URL Dr. Tepper requests to have the videotape turned off. Celeste continues to film but only films Al. 

30:30Copy video clip URL Dr. Tepper looks at Al’s eyes. 

34:50Copy video clip URL Dr. Tepper uses a special machine to look at Al’s eyes.

40:46Copy video clip URL Dr. Tepper explains how cataracts are blocking Al’s vision in one of his eyes and how they will proceed with Al’s care.

47:40Copy video clip URL Al gives Celeste money for chicken noodle soup for him. Ron takes him and Celeste back to the storefront.

52:47Copy video clip URL Ron and Celeste talk about her filming in the doctor’s office and Dr. Tepper’s reluctance to be filmed. 



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