[AL OP #1]

Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn's life and his health struggles.

00:00Copy video clip URL Celeste Neuhaus films Al Kohn in his storefront coffee shop. There are some visual glitches.

00:53Copy video clip URL The exterior of the coffee shop is shown before going back to Al. He keeps trying to call someone on the phone but is having trouble getting it to work.

09:11Copy video clip URL Footage of some of the items, mainly cigars, sold at the shop and what Al has lying around. Al continues to call people on the phone. 

12:04Copy video clip URL They discuss his children and whether they have any kids yet. Al is still fixated on making calls. While on the phone with his doctor, Celeste films other items in the coffee shop before helping him talk to the hospital.

18:39Copy video clip URL Al gets ready to go to the hospital for his eye surgery. He and Celeste drive over.

25:54Copy video clip URL They arrive at the hospital and wait for Al to be taken in. He shakes a bit from the nerves. Celeste films close-ups of Al’s face, hands, and shoes. He gives Celeste change for the vending machine.

35:50Copy video clip URL Al gets taken back to get ready for surgery. Celeste films him walking with his cane, showing the way his legs move.

39:32Copy video clip URL The nurses leave to let Al undress and put on his gown for surgery.

47:38Copy video clip URL Al gets into the hospital bed. The nurse comes back to take his vitals and put in his eye drops.

51:56Copy video clip URL The nurse put an IV in Al’s arm. Footage of the IV and ID band are shown. Al closes his eyes in between getting more drops put in–a stream of it falls down his face.



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