Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn's life and storefront coffee shop.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage inside Al and Ben Kohn’s storefront coffee shop. The shots are short and have some talking in the background. There are shots of the exterior as well.

06:09Copy video clip URL Al Kohn and Celeste Neuhaus discuss the construction and the shop as she films him.

10:18Copy video clip URL The camera malfunctions over footage of Al sitting in the shop.

10:32Copy video clip URL Footage of tree leaves as it rains.

10:59Copy video clip URL Almost nothing is visible, the screen goes gray, though it seems to still be raining and the camera moves.

12:12Copy video clip URL Footage of a rain-soaked window screen. People talk unintelligibly in the background.

13:05Copy video clip URL Shot of rain falling on the street. There is a string instrument playing slowly in the background.

14:08Copy video clip URL Recording inside Celeste’s apartment.

14:44Copy video clip URL Blue screen till the end.Celeste Neuhaus [videographer, interviewer]



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