Bill Veeck’s Front Office

Film pilot / audition tape for a show on baseball.

00:23Copy video clip URL Opening title: “Bill Veeck’s Front Office.”

00:36Copy video clip URL Veeck is seated at a desk, talking on the phone. He finishes the phone call and walks to the front of the desk, lit cigarette in hand, introduces himself, and explains the purpose of the show. He goes on to explain his authority to speak about baseball, highlighting his history with the sport as a groundskeeper, ticket salesman, and owner.

02:10Copy video clip URL Veeck goes over the daily scoreboard of spring training games, and speaks with excitement about the pending hysteria of the opening of baseball season. He goes on to talk about changes in hitting over the years based on the composition of the actual baseball. He demonstrates by showing a cross-section of a ball.

05:35Copy video clip URL Veeck speaks about the people behind the scenes involved in preparing for opening day: groundskeepers, vendors, ushers, and ticket sellers.

07:28Copy video clip URL Veeck moves on to discuss players such as Joe DiMaggio and rookie Mickey Mantle of the Yankees; NY Giants players Stankey, Dart, and Jim Hern; and other analysis, particularly the questionable pitching of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

11:45Copy video clip URL Veeck summarizes and signs off.



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